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Alexis at

Says: I use old school Cartomancy, or playing cards, which pre-date Tarot by many centuries. I cannot offer what is not in the reading, but I will always guide you honestly, accurately, and compassionately toward a wise direction that is in the cards for you.

Charges:  $3.99
Speaks:  English
Reads By:  Telephone

I specialize in Cartomancy reading playing cards but can read Tarot Cards as well. I also am gifted with Angelic guidance and Psalmistry. I am also in the process of writing a book on working with the Shem Ha Mephorash Angels as coded in the Old Testament from Exodus 14:19–21. Each Angel also corresponds to a specific Psalm and is here to help all of Mankind when called upon. This information has been available via ancient Jewish mysticism for many, many centuries.


Alexis hales from a family of magical practitioners and Diviners. Her grandmother kept many people alive during World War II, when France was occupied by the Nazis. Her herbal medicines and her precision with the pendulum enabled her to predict air strikes and house raids by the Nazis. Her family's unique wardrobe closet that dates back 300 years will rock from side to side each time there's a death in the family. Her father possessed a vast metaphysical library, and Eliphas Levi's book on Tarot drew her in for a time, until she experienced interference with its imagery. Like her grandmother, the pendulum became an accurate divining tool for her, along with the power of prayer and her powerful connection to the 72 Angels of the Old Testament. Alexis established an herbal apothecary, metaphysical formulary and bookshop, where she met a prominent Sicilian Psychic Reader, who had read for many Italian families, back in the day. He taught her to read with a regular pack of playing cards with precision, and the connections came swiftly. Her sensitivity to energy has made her adept at providing clearings on homes and businesses and she is also expert at curse removal. Alexis' faith is strong but her guidance is non-denominational. She offers a safe, non-judgmental place for all seekers of guidance.


For over 30 years, Alexis has read privately for clients, while owning and operating a successful herbal apothecary and metaphysical bookshop. She has been covered extensively by a variety of publications such as British Elle, The New York Times and the Chicago Herald Tribune, and she has appeared live on TV on MSNBC and La Famiglia, an Italian program similar to Good Morning America. She's offered her own workshops on Psychic Self-Defense and on Spiritual Cleansing, and has hosted others taught by spiritual leaders in the African American and Latino communities, and is grateful to her friends in the Yoruba and Santeria communities. She makes incense, floor washes and bath salts, all by hand, at her store. Other services also include clearing out the “astral garbage” or an entity from a home or business. Many times hauntings are just poor Souls partially trapped on the earthly plain. She encourages people to have faith to clear the path for Angels, the divine messengers, as ancient as the Earth itself, who come in and assist where needed. When you strive to lead a spiritual life, your relationships with the messengers, the Angels, become stronger, and prayers are answered. In return, you must give back to the world, take care of her and all who dwell within or beyond her confines.


Alexis moved to Mexico to the beautiful Colonial city of San Miguel de Allende, in Central Mexico in the Los Lobos Mountain Range. A 7 lb Chihuahua named Coco is her canine companion, who reveals her dark side whenever Alexis tries to take her to the vet! She is a rescue who can't be tamed. So, Alexis gives her a treat to show her she's loved. Alexis is a left-handed, multi-faceted Gemini who, much like Coco, also can't be tamed, though the Nuns did try to “cure” her from her left-handed affliction! It was an epic fail on their part. A great deal of Alexis' time is taken up by her studies of the Shem Angels of the Old Testament and with Biblical Hebrew. Soon she will be taking up formal studies in Traditional/Renaissance Astrology (Horary and electional), which is a predictive technique, far different from modern astrology. She also has a great deal of interest in the 7 Mansions of the Moon and the Picatrix, which was written , purportedly, by the astronomer and mathematician Maslama Al-Majriti, who died between 1005 CE and 1008 CE (398 AH). Alexis is a Pescatarian, who tried to be Vegan, but her love of dairy products sent her into an abyss of misery when she was denied them. A life without cheese makes her mental, as a rule. But for 2 days a week, she does commit to being a Vegan, her sacrifice to the younger generations to ensure an Earth for them to live on in the future!


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