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Angie at

Says: Seeking guidance and clarity? Relationships or situations confusing you? Maybe you would like to speak to a loved one on the other side? Let me help. For over 25 years, I have provided caring, honest and accurate answers from Guides, Angels and Spirit.

Charges:  $3.99
Speaks:  English
Reads By:  Telephone, Video Chat

Intuitive, Tarot Readings, Angel Oracle Card Readings, Akashic Records Readings, Crystal Scrying, Water Scrying, Art Mediumship, Dream Interpretation, Spirit Guides.


Angie is a natural-born Medium, Intuitive and Empath. Her gift of seeing and speaking with Angels, Spirit Guides and those who have crossed over began at a young age. Her conscious memories of these spirit communications began at age four, when a grandfather passed and visited her in a dream. Angie awoke and shared this dream with her parents who found out hours later that this grandfather had indeed passed that very night. As a teenager, her best friend was tragically killed in a car accident. This friend also visited her in a dream, her purpose being to connect and provide detailed information about the crash, information that was later verified as entirely accurate. As a clairvoyant (spiritual sight), clairaudient (spiritual hearing), and clairsentient (spiritual knowing), Angie is able to easily access your energy and connect with the spirit realm, delivering messages of guidance, love and healing. So much of our life depends upon our own free will and, as a certified Akashic Records practitioner, she can tap into the sacred energy dimension that records the eternal journey of the soul. Accessing these records can help you to explore possible options and outcomes, as well as gain insight into past, current and future situations.

Angie will often access the sacred energy of the Akashic Records to seek the answers you need, and give you guidance on how your choices will unfold in the future. She loves to teach people how to utilize the Law of Attraction to create the life of your dreams. Upon your request, she will also consult Angel Cards, for a quick direct message from the Angels, or Tarot Cards, for a more in depth look at the entire situation. Compassionate yet straightforward in her readings, you will be left with a sense of peace, direction and hope. Angie holds a Bachelors degree in Mental Health and Human Services, with a concentration in Addiction Studies, and she has worked for over nine years in the Domestic Violence field.

She trained for many years with various US and International teachers and spiritual mentors and uses her experience and knowledge to teach Spiritual Gift and Mediumship Development classes. A member of the Healing Light Spiritualist Church, as well as a member of Camp Etna Spiritualist Association (Located in Maine, it is the oldest Spiritualist Camp in the United States), Angie can often be found at her Camp Etna summer cottage. She is Certified in Akashic Records, Pranic Healing and trained in Art Mediumship. She is honored, grateful and humbled to have received the gifts bestowed on her from Spirit. She feels it is her responsibility to share the truth that love is eternal, life is a gift of learning, and we are all connected… Namaste.


For over twenty-five years, Angie has been providing accurate Psychic Mediumship and Card Readings in person, over the phone, and via video chat. She has hundreds of satisfied clients around the US, many of them repeat customers! Readings and spiritual guidance began early on. By the time she was a teenager, she immersed herself in learning. She read dozens of metaphysical and new age books, trying to understand her gifts and how to expand them. She began practicing with divination and card readings and quickly became the go-to person among her family and friends for accurate answers and guidance. Angie was solely self-taught until her early thirties, when she met an intuitive psychic who offered to provide her with one-on-one development training. She wound up working with that teacher for nearly a year, until one day she was told her training was over; there was simply nothing more she could teach her. Not satisfied with that outcome, Angie went back to self-learning, asking Spirit to please send her a new teacher! It wasn't long before a new spiritual mentor presented herself, one that has challenged and pushed Angie for nearly ten years to expand in all areas of her life and step into her authentic spiritual self.

For many years, Angie would draw and write messages, not realizing she was connecting and channeling information from her spirit guides. Additionally, she would paint and receive messages from the artwork, based on the colors and shapes that formed. Art Mediumship is just one of the things she offers in her thriving private spiritual business. For the past five years, she has been highly sought after as a reader and has traveled extensively around the New England region for parties, private sessions, classes and psychic dinners.


Like many, Angie hid her gifts from the public for years, as she felt alone in her abilities and just wanted to fit in and not ruffle feathers in her marriage. She was raising two children and possessed the spiritual gift of discernment, her husband had admitted. Still, he did not approve of her Mediumship or Divination talents. It wasn't until meeting her spiritual mentor that Angie could no longer hide her authentic self and it was then she stepped fully into the light. This decision to finally live who she really was (a light worker) brought about a whirlwind of domino-like events, including a change in jobs, a divorce, the start of her professional spiritual business and, thankfully, the meeting of her soulmate. Angie is a strong willed Taurus through-and-through! She resides in Maine with her soul partner and husband (who is also a Psychic Medium, Healer and Shamanic Practitioner) and their two cats: Oscar, a very large Maine Coon Cat, and Titanium, a small but fierce Lilac Point. As an intuitive artist, Angie loves to be creative, painting in her spare time (and of course intuiting the messages that come with the paintings). She leads many 'Masterpiece and Messages' painting classes, her unique spin on the traditional paint and sip classes. She is honored, grateful and humbled to have these gifts bestowed on her from Spirit, and she continues to spread her messages of love, learning and connection.


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