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Ava at

Says: If you have been guided to me, you can expect to receive a diviner who is a Seer of the Signs. I will interpret honestly everything revealed to me in answer to what you seek. Take comfort in knowing there is a reason and purpose for your journey.

Charges:  $3.99
Speaks:  English
Reads By:  Telephone, Video Chat

Clairvoyant, Classic Tarot, Animal Communication.


Ava began as a Diviner in her teens. She lived with her Grandmother, a psychic with powerful insights into the future, whose specialties included: palms, tea leaves and dreams. She read Ava's tea leaves, informed her she was blessed with spiritual insight, and gave Ava her special teacups and a deck of cards. Ava began reading with her grandmother's tools only, and as her skills developed, she was slowly introduced to her grandmother's clients, and then to her own. Years later, Canu was guided to her--a Shaman and great healer from Cree Nation. Ava's energy shifted through his teachings, and she became an interpreter of Animal Medicine, a type of communication to the ancestors. She's Channeled through Animal cards--for the past 17 years--recognizing the directions, appearances and patterns of the birds or animals that inform the lives of her clients. She has studied many layouts but was guided to one that opens and closes the third door. Upon passing, the three doors are: forgiveness, ancestors, and the journey over. It is by opening the third door, when the shield is down, that she receives messages from deceased loved ones of the seeker.


Along her life's journey, Ava has been offered the opportunity to develop as an Elder in her field. She now holds the experience and wisdom that match her talents. For the past 35 years, she's read Tarot, and has mastered a multitude of decks—though the theory remains consistent throughout. She has offered readings in many settings, at one point, performing readings in an English Pub! Some of her more interesting experiences include birthday parties, retirement parties, non-profit fund raisers and graduation celebrations. Currently, she prefers the tranquility of her home studio, as it offers the connection to the natural world that guides her. 17 years ago, she was introduced to animal medicine. Ava's connection with the animal kingdom and with nature have been her most recent focus. She has been blessed to experience the beauty of crossing over, and by applying her teachings, her relationship with the ancestors has heightened. She is privileged to offer guidance, direction and instruction to clients, sharing her gifts with her community, and allowing them the opportunity to nurture their own relationships with their ancestors, their loved ones who've crossed, and the animals that come to them.


Ava is a grounded, earthy Capricorn, settled near a lake surrounded by mountains in a rural community, where she has been living for the last 23 years. She is blessed to have her family close by, enjoying the quality time she spends with her children and grandchildren. Family is especially important to Ava's role as an elder and as a teacher--her life's purpose--and they serve as daily guidance for her. She enjoys spending time in her welcoming garden that also doubles as her playground. Primarily, she is living life off-the-grid and is immensely proud to do so. There is nothing lonely about it, as she greets many wild visitors that appear day and night to keep her company. Her most recent companion is a feral cat, whom she has named Merlin. As a child, Ava was blessed with music lessons and this is a passion she holds dear to her heart today. She has developed into a teacher and loves song writing, producing meditation tracks and singing. She now owns her own label and has even started producing for TV and film. Music is an art that goes well with her Psychic gifts, and with her desire to share and pass on all the knowledge she has accrued throughout the years.


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