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Carmen Miro at

Says: My unique method of Tarot reading, combined with the Empathic and Intuitive abilities I have possessed since birth, allow me to zero in on your present circumstances and change the outcome of any personal, relationship or career matter that needs changing!

Charges:  $3.00
Speaks:  English, French, German
Reads By:  Telephone, Video Chat

Empath, Telepath, Tarot Reader, Medium, Pendulum, Runes, Scrying.


Carmen called them waking dreams that she began to experience at the age of three. These visions were vivid and kaleidoscopic in nature and by the age of twelve, she realized that she had been forecasting events that would actually manifest in reality, sometimes even decades later. She started to write them all down and would sketch them as well, keeping a written and visual journal that she could go back and refer to later on. It was this type of record keeping that helped to validate her gifts as genuine. These dreams were both personal and prophetic in nature, regarding subjects she had no interest in as a child and ran the gamut from political events to disasters, In addition, she had become an adept Medium, as well, finding that when people passed on, she would often speak to their Spirits in her dreams and they would often provide her with accurate advice on specific matters.

Her interest in Tarot reading began as a child and Carmen perfected it by the time she reached her late twenties. She went on to educate herself in many aspects of mysticism in order to understand what she was dreaming and seeing as a child. What began in her teens as a process of research and documenting all she could, is an ongoing one today as Carmen continues to study and analyze an array of metaphysical subject matter. By the time her psychic career kicked off, her clients positive feedback greatly encouraged her to pursue a way of reading that has proven to be uniquely effective for her clients. In 2003, she became the first online psychic to promote the idea of Empathy and emotional thought transference, and she has subsequently written a great deal of groundbreaking material about it.


As a toddler, Carmen had her first waking visions but discounted them, as she had no idea at such a young age what exactly she was experiencing or how to use her visions to benefit others. With a profound interest in psychology throughout her life, she became the first commercial online psychic to introduce the idea of Empathy as a valuable tool for understanding, rather than manipulating others.

Though initially she may have thought she'd stumbled onto her psychic career path by accident, in actuality, it was fate that led her to the field she was destined to embrace. She professionally began her work as an Intuitive in 2001 with reputable psychic companies, where she spent a great deal of time training other psychics and designing her own business plan and vision. Apart from providing guidance and instruction for her colleagues, clients and managers, she has also worked with numerous celebrities, and even political and international figures! Her focus is on changing the present circumstances, should they need to be changed, in order to maximize future choices. Through her compassionate nature and thorough study of human psychology, she has taken her Empathic talents to new heights of awareness and has incorporated what she has learned to benefit others in a groundbreaking manner. Her ability to hear people's emotions, no matter where they are, has afforded her a deep patience and understanding of human suffering that has made her very adept at explaining what she feels in men. This has provided her with a profound joy for nearly a decade now, and she has been witness to many changes, and developments in the global and human psyche.


Carmen is a European living in Canada with a cat also named Carmen and her favorite Opera--you guessed it--is Carmen! Miro is an artist she grew up with, having enjoyed an artistic background. In Spanish Miro means "to regard." She began her work as an Empath, with the strong sense that empathy is the one aspect of human nature that people need to relearn. Carmen is a proud Aquarian with a passionate and intuitive Pisces moon. Her secondary passions are: Music, Science, writing, psychology, medicine, film and beyond!


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