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Cathi at

Says: I do what I love and I love what I do. Working with Spirit is a blessing I give thanks for every day. I channel Spirit when I read and use my Tarot and Angel cards as tools and gateways to provide answers, guidance and insights for empowerment.

Charges:  $3.99
Speaks:  English
Reads By:  Telephone

Tarot Readings, Angel Card Readings, Oracle Card Readings, Mediumship.


Cathi is a second-generation Psychic and Medium. Her mother was often poorly and so she spent most of her early years in the company of her Grandmother, who was a Psychic Medium and Tasseographer. She therefore grew up aware of Spirit as she watched her grandmother practice her craft. Cathi was always comfortable and unafraid of any spiritual activity she experienced. She learned much from her wonderful grandmother and came away with the wisdom that there is much more to this mortal life than most are aware of. Through the years, there have been many occasions when she has experienced psychic/spiritual/clairvoyant instances that have included: prophetic dreams, just knowing, or being aware of what was about to happen. On one occasion, a few years ago, while chatting with her elderly aunt, she watched her aunt's features morph into those of her grandmother, who had passed many years before. She believes this was her way of letting her know that her aunt would soon be joining her in Spirit. In fact, her lovely aunt did pass away only a few weeks later.

In her twenties, Cathi married, divorced, and remarried a few years later. She figures she and her husband must be doing something right as they will celebrate their Ruby anniversary this year! After being told it was unlikely she would ever have children, due to a deviated womb and suffering several miscarriages, Cathi gave birth to her son in 1983, and then to her daughter in 1987. Cathi worked part-time and then full- time, once her children entered high school, working as a Medical Secretary/P.A. in Psychiatry and Psychiatry of Learning Disabilities. Life was very hectic but happy and she dedicated herself to bringing up her family, working hard to provide for them. Cathi's spiritual journey began in earnest when she opted for early retirement thirteen years ago, becoming free to begin her wonderful spiritual journey in partnership with Spirit and Tarot. She threw herself into honing her craft, by exploring and undertaking Tarot tuition online, attending workshops, courses and retreats. She was absorbing knowledge, gaining experience and earning valuable qualifications along the way.


Under her grandmother's early influence, and through many mentors that came after, Cathi has flowered into a highly gifted and well sought-after Psychic, Medium, columnist and featured guest on the Sky channel. She began her professional career by successfully completing an in-depth, intensive online Tarot course offered by TABI (The Tarot Association of the British Isles), of which Cathi has been a member for many years. She was fortunate to have been mentored and taught by a woman who has been her inspiration and is now her close friend, Kim Arnold, the Founder/Owner of the UK Tarot Conference. Kim Arnold is only one of the many gifted and inspiring people who have shared their vast knowledge of Tarot with Cathi, and who have helped guide her in furthering and honing her psychic abilities and mediumship. Rachel Pollack, Benebell Wen, Caitlin Matthews, Mary K. Greer and Katrina Wynne are only a few of the names in Tarot she has been privileged to learn from, over the years, at the annual UK Tarot Conference. Cathi has been working professionally—though it feels less like work and more like a calling--for the past ten years. Notable assignments have included appearances on the popular Sky Channel program, Psychic Today, and on several other online psychic sites. She has also contributed to and was featured in Fate and Fortune magazine, and she's enjoyed writing a regular column for BFG Magazine, providing tarot readings to readers who would write-in asking for answers on romance, life, family, finance, etc. Cathi was also asked by a very successful Psychic/Astrologer in the US to write daily motivational/inspirational quotes for publication on her website. Additionally, every month, she writes a popular Tarotscope, which her readers seem to greatly enjoy and find relevant. She also reads at the London Tarot Festival every year at the request of Kim Arnold, who is also its founder/owner. More recently, Cathi has been reading on a regular basis for someone who is a familiar visitor to the White House!


Originally from Scotland, upon marrying her English husband, Cathi moved to Kent, in England, and they are now living at the seaside--a home they love. Of course, being the water sign of Pisces, she's in her element there! Her husband, an earthy Taurus, enjoys being a member of a local Bowls Club and keeps busy tending the bowling green and pottering around in their garden. Cathi is happy doing what she loves every day, working with her cards. She also enjoys a very busy social life too, both singly and as a couple. Happily, her married son and his wife provided her and her husband with a long-awaited grandson. Gran and Grandad are, needless to say, besotted! And more happy tidings include the engagement of her daughter. A flowing, intuitive Pisces, Cathi is very in-tune with her emotions, which enables her to truly empathize with her clients, possessing the uncanny ability to place herself in their shoes. Life is wonderful, to be treasured, enjoyed and lived to the full. However, it can also bring stressful, troublesome, life-changing situations we may struggle to deal with and overcome successfully. Cathi truly believes she is blessed by Spirit with the gift of being able to provide answers, insight and peace of mind to those who may feel alone in making sense of and coping with what's going on in their lives. Reassuringly, Tarot can be all things to all people. It can be counselor, adviser, or an empathic friend. It can pin-point the pros and the cons, provide answers without judgment, its honest, all seeing… The list is endless. With the cards, Cathi focuses her abilities on your situation, working solely for YOU! Her belief is that NO Tarot reading is random; you are guided by a Higher Power--perhaps your Guardian Angel--to the answers you seek that are waiting for you. The cards are the key to unlocking what or who is on the other side of the closed door you currently face. Together you'll turn the key. Are you ready? So it begins….


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