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Cathi at

Says: I do what I love and I love what I do. Working with Spirit is a blessing I give thanks for every day. I channel Spirit when I read and use my Tarot and Angel cards as tools and gateways to provide answers, guidance and insights for empowerment.

Charges:  $3.99
Speaks:  English
Reads By:  Telephone

Tarot Readings, Angel Card Readings, Oracle Card Readings, Mediumship.


Cathi is a 2nd generation Psychic and Medium, who spent her early, formative years with her grandmother-- a gifted Psychic Medium and Tasseographer. She learned from her wonderful grandmother that there is much more to this mortal life than most of us know. Cathi experienced prophetic dreams, just knowing, or being aware of what was about to happen. While chatting with her elderly aunt, she watched her features morph into those of her beloved grandmother, who had already passed, alerting her that her aunt would soon be joining her in Spirit. Her aunt passed only a few weeks later. In her 20’s, Cathi married, divorced, only to remarry later. She and her husband now celebrate their Ruby anniversary! After several miscarriages and a deviated womb, she was told it was unlikely she’d ever bear children. And yet… Cathi gave birth to a son and a daughter. She worked as a Medical Secretary/P.A. in Psychiatry and Psychiatry of Learning Disabilities. Life was hectic but happy, as she worked hard to raise her family. 13 years ago, she retired early, and pursued her life calling. She studied Tarot, attended workshops, courses and retreats. She absorbed knowledge, gained experience and earned valuable qualifications that brought her here to you today!


Thanks to her grandmother's early influence, Cathi flowered into a highly gifted Psychic, Medium, columnist, and featured guest on the Sky Channel. She began by successfully completing an intensive online Tarot course offered by TABI (The Tarot Association of the British Isles), and she has since become one of its longstanding members. She was trained and inspired by Kim Arnold, the Founder/Owner of the UK Tarot Conference--now a close friend—who helped her hone her psychic abilities and further her Mediumship skills. Cathi has been working professionally—though it feels less like work and more like a calling--for the past ten years, appearing on the popular Sky Channel program, Psychic Today, and on several other online psychic sites. She was featured in Fate and Fortune magazine, and has enjoyed writing a regular column for BFG Magazine, accurately answering reader questions through Tarot. Cathi’s been commissioned to write daily motivational/inspirational quotes on a successful psychic/astrology website, and she writes a popular Tarotscope on relevant issues, enjoyed by many. Every year, she’s personally invited to read by the founder/owner of the London Tarot Festival. Cathi has also been reading on a regular basis for someone who is a familiar visitor to the White House!


Cathi is originally from Scotland, but moved to Kent, England, upon marrying her English husband. They live at the seaside--a home they love. It could not be a more fitting place, as Cathi’s sun is in Pisces, a water sign! Her husband, an earthy Taurus, enjoys being a member of a local Bowls Club, and he keeps busy tending the bowling green and pottering around in their garden. Cathi is happy doing what she loves every day, working with her cards. She also enjoys a very busy social life, singly and as a couple. Their son has provided them with a long-awaited grandson, and Gran and Grandad are--needless to say--besotted! More happy tidings include the engagement of their daughter. An intuitive Pisces, Cathi is in-tune with her emotions, and can empathize with her clients, placing herself in their shoes. Life is wonderful, to be treasured, enjoyed and lived to the full. However, it can also bring stressful, troublesome, life-changing situations. She feels blessed by Spirit to provide answers, insight and peace of mind to others. Reassuringly, Tarot can be all things to all people. It’s honest and all seeing. Cathi focuses her abilities on your situation, working solely for YOU! NO Tarot reading is random; you are guided by a Higher Power to the answers you seek. Are you ready? So it begins.


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