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Cheanne at

Says: I care deeply about empowering and inspiring others to feel the beautiful Angelic and Divine Presence that guides us. I offer heartfelt, soulful, and clear guidance that provides direction and reminds you that you are Divinely protected and Guided, always.

Charges:  $4.49
Speaks:  English
Reads By:  Telephone

Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Spiritual Artist, Angelic Practices, Channelling, Psychic Medium, Crystal Therapist, Reconnective Healing, Animal Communicator, Remote Viewing,


Cheanne is an Australian based Psychic, Channel and Spiritual Visionary Artist. She was once an accountant, who never felt creative. Then, in her late 20’s, at a painting class, she suddenly was inspired to paint Buddha. It felt like someone else was in the brush, and she clearly saw a face in the blank canvas. She has since journeyed with this presence through major illness, family separation/divorce, and has been blessed with the knowing that even when things seem really bad, we are never alone. Through painting, she found her voice and discovered a profound connection to the spiritual realms. As a young child, she was shy and quiet, and she suffered with a speech impediment. To experience the miracle of divine protection, as an adult, was truly special for her. Today, she remains passionate about assisting others, and loves to share her visions, insights and spiritual revelations that come from her channeling and artwork. Cheanne earned her Spiritual Artist diploma in 2008, and is extensively trained as a Medium, Angel Intuitive, Crystal Therapist, and Healer. She’s had the wonderful opportunity to work with clients, around the globe, in one-on-one sessions, workshops and retreats. When things seem dark, she shines a light, channeling grace, and helping her clients feel connected, in their everyday lives.


Life changed for Cheanne when she felt Angelic beings and Buddha come through her paintings. This presence has been a steady source of guidance through challenging times, and has inspired her every day. Over the last 13 years, she’s dedicated herself to sharing healing messages that have come through in her paintings and client sessions. She’s reached thousands in her private practice and through the dozens of group workshops and intimate weekend retreats she’s offered. At New Age Festivals, she’s provided clients with portraits of their Angels and Guides, along with channeled readings. She presents regularly at local business events and expos--sharing her artwork, spiritual insights, and messages--in presentations and talks. She supports business owners, helping them to bring their creative visions and intuitive gifts to life, to create businesses that feed their soul. Since 2013, she’s worked from a local practice room and her home studio, offering private readings--via phone and the internet--to steady clients, locally and around the world . She provides caring guidance, unconditional love, and illuminates personal relationship dynamics and patterns, to deepen a client’s sense of harmony, and to provide a clear direction in times of change and uncertainty.


Cheanne started her work/business to inspire her children, and to honor the beautiful presence that has been by her side, for many years. She has a deep LOVE for painting and for working with her clients. She wishes to nurture and inspire her children to always follow their passions. A native Australian, she was lucky to be raised on a small farm, in a small country town in rural Victoria, and grew up with a deep love for animals. She now lives on the Gold Coast, on the East Coast of Australia, with her young adult children, surrounded by nature, farms and amazing Australian beaches. Dolphins often bless her evening walks, along the river estuary--a perfect place to call home! Art is her biggest passion, and she enjoys reading art history, learning about the Renaissance master painters, and feeling inspired by their legacy. She aims to capture the same depth of beauty in her own paintings! She prizes time spent with her children, family dinners, sunset walks and movie nights. We are never too old to watch a good super hero movie! Cheanne is an Aquarian, who learned, over the years, that her sensitivity and emotional nature is actually a gift and a great strength. Cheanne looks forward to all the future connections she makes, to help others understand and develop their own unique gifts.


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