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David at

Says: Why wonder when you can know? Spirit speaks to me in a language of symbols that are messages you are meant to receive. I combine tarot, astrology, and clairvoyance to give you clear and helpful answers for anything that comes your way!

Charges:  $2.99
Speaks:  English
Reads By:  Telephone, Video Chat

Clairvoyance, Mediumship, Astrology, Tarot Readings, Oracle Card Readings, Numerology.


For as long as David can remember, he's always seen and heard things beyond the realm of the physical world. As a child, his parents recall how he would just know things that he shouldn't have been able to know. Over the last twenty years, his ability to understand the subtle energies of life have increased due to his continued fascination with the nature of reality and his ongoing exploration of metaphysical truths. As a clairvoyant, David connects with others on a seeing level, receiving visual symbols that unfold as messages. These images are a bit like a language and a form of communication with Spirit that he has come to intuitively understand. This has been the primary form of psychic phenomena he has experienced with new branches constantly revealing themselves, advancing his abilities to new levels of awareness.

In addition to being an accomplished Medium and Clairvoyant, he is also a gifted astrologer and is a member of both the San Diego Astrological Society and the National Council for Geocosmic Research. Additionally, he has attended courses at Oxford University in England through the Faculty of Astrological Studies. Quite regularly, he accepts speaking and teaching requests from various groups, finding his group lectures to be one of his favorite and most rewarding aspects to being an astrologer.

One of his greatest mentors is his friend Phyllis, a hypnotherapist, who introduced him to amazing tools that include energy healing and the power of thought. Phyllis studied under Delores Cannon, the noted hypnotherapist who developed Quantum Hypnosis: a form of hypnotherapy involving past-life regression for resolving current-life issues. It was his experiences with Phyllis that cemented his belief in reincarnation and past lives. Later this work would prove to be significant in his development as a Psychic-Medium.


David has been actively working as a professional astrologer for nearly three years, and has over a decade of experience as a clairvoyant (the ability to see visual messages or energies). To date, he has worked with hundreds of clients, and has provided readings for people in all walks of life: from millionaires to the average Joe/Jane. Over the years, he has given readings on just about anything you could imagine, and has offered accurate counseling on matters of love, finances, career, missing pets, and more.

Currently, he sees clients on a weekly basis, in-person, at two offices in California, and each week he is fortunate to see lives changed. Additionally, he teaches astrology workshops and classes on spiritual development. He's taught astrology to both groups and individuals, finding it to be an intrinsic component of his life. One of his greatest passions is showing others how powerful astrology is and how it can reveal practically anything, if you know how and where to look. Mediumship is another one of David's favorite ways to work with others. There's nothing more rewarding than to help someone connect with a loved one who has passed on. David has attended classes through a local Spiritualist church, and he can connect with those who've passed to the other side of the veil, utilizing his abilities as a Medium, a talent that developed organically during his personal spiritual journey. Having lost many loved ones, he can empathize with those who are also seeking to reconnect and grieve in a way that helps to heal a broken heart.


Born and raised in Louisiana, David recently relocated to Southern California, in June of 2017. His grandmother—now in Spirit—is his greatest source of inspiration. She lived to help others, and she's one of the reasons he dedicated himself to following a spiritual path. When he's not working with clients, he uses his free time to think and to explore the unchartered territory of his mind. He also enjoys yoga and long walks on sunny days (of which there happen to be a surplus). He also attends various spiritual services throughout the week, including Mediumship Circles and services at a local Spiritualist church. David's favorite pastimes include: reading, writing, and hanging out with friends at the park. He also loves the beach and just listening to the waves. His sun sign is Pisces, and the watery depths of the ocean has a special fascination for him, always calling to him like a siren's song! And, sometimes, like any other Pisces, he quenches his thirst by just going out and enjoying a drink or two!


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