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Dawn Star at

Says: I am a genuine psychic, Master Tarot reader and relationships specialist, with an innate ability to see into the heart of anyone and deliver Truth on any matter. Your karmic debt will be explained, your path will be made clear, and your destiny revealed.

Charges:  $4.44
Speaks:  English
Reads By:  Telephone, Video Chat

Clairvoyant, Tarot Reader, Palm Reader, numerologist.


As a young child, Toni often communicated and played with an imaginary friend named DeeDee who was quite special to her. Little did she know that throughout childhood, her intuitive senses were alive and often expressed themselves in dreams that would invariably come true. During her teenage years, she was most fortunate to possess a kind of knowing that would be just enough to keep her out of any serious trouble. But when she turned nineteen, everything changed and, ready or not, the intuitive side of her life was kicked into high gear.

At first, she couldn't control the level of psychic energy that was being directed her way. She would receive random information that was so loud in her head, she was held hostage by it and felt compelled to approach complete strangers with, "I have a message for you…." Needless to say, she freaked out a lot of people, but the ones who listened were always the better for it. The information she provided often seemed random, but proved to be eerily accurate.

At twenty-one, there was a pivotal moment in her life that involved a visit to a psychic who came highly recommended. But, instead of receiving information from the psychic, Toni wound up giving her the reading, instead, and even had to pay her forty dollars for that particular privilege! It was an odd way to begin what would inevitably become her life calling, but then again, her life proved to be anything but ordinary.


Toni has twenty years of intuitive experience under her belt, and has provided psychic readings for a broad list of clients. For eighteen of those years, she has offered expert palm readings, and later added Tarot and numerology to the mix. Her readings, were, for the most part, conducted from her home in Nebraska and, for a short time, in Texas, mostly by referral. With her advanced intuitive knowledge, she has played a leading role in some truly amazing events that include: "Seeing" four deaths, solving murders, and locating two missing children.

Her formal training has not been here on the Earth plane, but has occurred, for the most part, on the other side during a near death experience that happened twelve years ago. She quite literally passed away, and was whisked to another dimension where she was given an intensive crash course on life, in general. Over the course of what she had thought was four days, Toni was shown past, present and future lives. She was then instructed to return to her present incarnation, where she obviously had some important work to do. Though she wrestled with having to come back, she was nevertheless violently slammed back into her body and was stunned to later learn that she had only been gone for a minute and a half, the precise length of time that she was presumed dead. But, that's another story that she may perhaps blog about one day.


A Sagittarius by sun sign, Toni admits she is the epitome of all that this explorative and inspirational sign has to offer. For those who understand numerology, her numbers are: 22-Life Path, 11-Destiny, 22-Soul Urge, 33- Personality, and 5-Desire. If you'll notice, nearly all are Master Numbers, meaning her purpose on Earth is to benefit mankind. That philosophy pretty much sums up her goal for each and every reading she provides. Toni lives with her soon-to-be husband and the father of her five children, four boys and a girl whose ages range from six months to twenty. We must also not forget Moo-Moo, their cat. This large and wonderful family live in Nebraska, where they were all born, with the exception of her daughter, born in Texas.


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