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Deborah at

Says: Let me help you find the answers you seek. By tapping into your energy and consulting with my Guides, I can clear your blocks, inform you how others are feeling, and I will compassionately deliver messages that will change your life.

Charges:  $3.99
Speaks:  English
Reads By:  Telephone

Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Empath, Angel Card Readings, Affirmations, Remote Viewing.


Deborah's abilities surfaced at age 10, first starting with the gift of Empathy--feeling the joy and sorrows of others. She found she could help others when they were down and could easily brighten their day. Others talents soon arose, allowing her to hear, see and things in a profound way. After an unexpected loss--in her early 40s--her abilities were enhanced, seemingly overnight. Her grandmother, also very gifted, advised her to listen to the Guides around her. Soon, Deborah was able to hear her Guides clearly, and they became a reliable gift for her in readings. Though she can tackle any topic, she specializes in love and relationships, easily clearing away blocks for her clients. She finds her process works best when an open heart is maintained by the client, allowing Spirit--who is always around her--to deliver useful and detailed information. The more she works with a client, the more powerful the session becomes, providing clear answers that address your Divine Life Purpose. Deborah has provided thousands of readings that are often life-transforming, and she enjoys MANY repeat clients. Her messages are delivered in the most empathetic and compassionate manner, and you come away with a feeling of warmth and caring that adds to the overall life-altering experience of the session.


With over 20 years of experience, Deborah has given thousands of readings to clients all over the world, delivering her messages in-person, over the phone, and on websites. She is a seasoned practitioner, with a flourishing business, who is highly praised by her clients. Shes worked with celebrities, as well as everyday people, from all walks of life. Angel Cards are her instrument of choice, the cards providing the medium to see and hear messages from Spirit and identify a client's future, past and present path. Her empathic ability allows her to feel as if shes in your shoes, while relieving your anxieties. Spirit delivers messages and shows pathways at the precise moment in time that is needed, providing messages and insight. A client can then make the proper changes necessary to clear away blocks and to forge ahead on a more rewarding path. During a session, little by little, the pathway is shown, and reliable results are provided. Deborah builds caring and compassionate relationships with her clients, creating a space of trust and honesty that uplifts all. Her greatest desire is to see her clients happy and successful in all aspects of life. It is her greatest fulfillment to move clients toward happier and more rewarding futures. She feels so blessed to have these gifts and to share them with others.


Deborah was born under a Taurus sun sign and she is proud to be under its influence. Her Taurean attributes include: loyalty, caring, sincerity and strength. Its a loving sign--ruled by Venus--that can always be counted on, which explains why she is so dedicated to each and every one of her clients. She has lived in the sunny state of Florida, since 1996, but she was born in the United Kingdom and was raised in the Caribbean. Deborah has had the luxury of exploring many countries and observing numerous cultures. This, along with her Empathic gifts, is why she can so easily walk in the shoes of others. She understands and feels compassion for all people, embracing clients who vary in their faiths and philosophies. Deborah feels greatly at peace by the water. Whenever she is able to sit by the ocean and hear the waves crashing, she connects profoundly to its energy. Water is very healing and it helps her to rejuvenate, to be in its flow, and feel in balance. Living in Southern Florida has afforded her the opportunity to visit the beach easily. Nature is important and being able to avail oneself of its healing properties is the best thing you can do for yourself. Spirit has led her to the oceans and this has benefited her in every phase of her life.


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