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Elizabeth at

Says: A 4th gen Psychic Medium & Mystic for 30+ years, I bring guidance, healing & peace to others. Loved Ones, Ancestors, Angels, Spirit Guides & Pets in Spirit communicate during readings, bringing peace of mind, resolution & answers that await you.

Charges:  $4.99
Speaks:  English
Reads By:  Telephone

Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Mediumship, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, Angel and Guide Teacher, Spiritual Healing, Spirit Guides, Transfiguration, Pet Communication.


Elizabeth's work as a Psychic Medium is an intricate part of her identity. Once the knowings began—delivering knowledge from Spirit—there was no turning back for her. While maintaining her conscious and subconscious states at the highest level, she facilitates her channeling work from the spirit realm. People always ask what she does for work, and Elizabeth answers them, directly: "I'm a Psychic Medium." They then say, "How do you do that? She replies by reaching back to a defining event that occurred at 4. She had her first out of body experience, in which she found herself floating up around the ceiling in a corner of her bedroom, observing herself in bed, while thinking: I'm up here and down there at the same time--this is great! She couldn't wait to tell her mother. But her mother's reaction was not what she would've wanted. "Oh that couldn't possibly have happened," she replied. But young Elizabeth knew it did happen, and this was a feeling unlike any other. She felt apart and different from the rest of her family, as though she dwelled in her own world, in the company of Spirit friends and Guides. It's unusual that a young girl could accept such a unique spiritual perspective, but Elizabeth possessed the advanced knowing, courage, strength and conviction to be her authentic self.


A Hypnotherapist, Psychic Medium, Mystic, Reiki Master and hair stylist—which one doesn’t belong? None, actually. As a hair stylist, Elizabeth had a captive audience in which to hone her Psychic Medium gifts. She communicated with the spirit world, and received information through loved ones, angels, guides, pets, and body scanning. She also provided a unique service called Hypno Reiki--not typically offered on a Psychic's menu. Elizabeth's spiritual path has included connecting with angel guides, loved ones, and even animals—some of her best teachers! For her give-back, she's a hospice volunteer and serves Spiritualist Churches, Camps, and other nonprofit organizations. Her life partner, Ernie, also a Psychic Medium, has helped her maintain a healthy balance between work and play. Spirit chose to send her parents who have deceased children, so they may find peace of mind in knowing that a loved one’s Spirit is still living. She is privileged to be the eyes, ears and mouth for their messages. It is now her pleasure, not her pain, to be called different, knowing we’re all part of the same puzzle of life. Childhood friends often remark they’re not surprised she’s a Psychic Medium. "You always knew things before they happened, keeping us out of trouble." What better testament could there be than that?


Elizabeth lives in her childhood home that is over 270 years old. Lots of spirit in that old house! Growing up, she was always sensitive to the spirit world, and could easily sense what people were feeling and thinking--including pets! Animals are special creatures, providing unconditional love, and she hopes to complete a book about them, while she’s still on the earth plane. At 17, after high school graduation, she was on her way to Boston for hair styling school. The 60’s and 70’s proved to be good years for exploring metaphysics. She could feel and see spirit all around the city of Boston. In 1971, she got married and later divorced, in 1982. Then back to Maine with her only child, a daughter, a very gifted, spiritual spirit. Elizabeth was raised a Catholic. But eventually, she felt the Catholic religion didn't work for her anymore, and she began to explore different religions. She found Spiritualism, and discovered a group of people with similar thoughts. If indeed she was crazy, others were too, and that made her feel embraced, rather than isolated. She fine-tuned her Psychic Mediumship and gave readings that helped not only people, but were good for Spirit too! Currently, Elizabeth lives in Maine, but travels throughout the US and Canada, giving Spirit readings, by telephone, to clients around the world.


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