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Gina at

Says: Looking to expand your perspective? Seek clarity with me! As a firm believer in freewill and destiny, I say what I sense, bring clarity to chaos, and delve into your karma to deliver prophetic insight and compassionate guidance. Serenity awaits.

Charges:  $4.99
Speaks:  English
Reads By:  Telephone

Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Mediumship, Spiritual Awareness, Manifestation Motivation, Reincarnation Identification, Karmic Lessons, Dharma Discovery, Love and Relationships, Loss and Grief, Career and Prosperity.


Gina's spiritual unfolding began at 6, after receiving her first clairaudient message. She quickly realized that Spirit's message was not information that a young girl could easily make up. Throughout childhood, she faced criticism, unnecessary trips to the psychologist, and unjust labels of being crazy and different. Gina felt isolated and suppressed her intuition. She embraced many religions, but it was Mystical Judaism that really changed her life. She became a student at The Kabbalah Center and, for over a decade, she studied the workings of the universe, astrology, karmic lessons, and the soul's dharma. Gina realized she wasn’t crazy, after all, but possessed heightened awareness. She began to provide casual readings to co-workers, friends, family, and even skeptics. Her predictions were validated, and she accepted her higher calling. She attended Angel Intuitive courses, Metaphysical Workshops, and read countless publications authored by influential spiritual messengers and mentors, including: Brian Weiss, Doreen Virtue, The Dalai Lama, Louise Hay, Don Miguel Ruiz, Wayne Dyer, Karen Berg, Rav Berg, and Michael Berg. Their teachings inspired a spiritual awakening that shifted her perspective toward a purpose of helping and healing others.


For over 2 decades, Gina has given accurate readings at psychic fairs, private events, and on psychic networks. She’s read for other psychics, and has often relayed messages to complete strangers, on a whim. During her teens, she saw a car hit a pole, and received an urgent message to go back to the scene. She insisted her cousin stop the car, she ran over, and found a drunken man in a rage, beating his girlfriend. She demanded he stop, she helped the girlfriend up, and drove her home. The next day, the girl came by to thank her for saving her life. Utilizing her clairvoyance, Gina has encouraged many to reach out to loved ones who would soon pass on. She knew her aunt’s death was imminent and she insisted her mother fly to her as soon as possible. Her aunt passed only a short time after, and later appeared to Gina with a message for her daughter to stop doing whatever she was doing. Her cousin didn't believe in Mediums, and Gina was reluctant to relay the message. Weeks later, Gina received yet another message. "You didn't tell her!" she admonished. Gina finally delivered the message, which her cousin disbelieved. Later that day, she was given a promotion at work that required drug testing. The testing was delayed 30 days, adequate time to get the pot she was smoking out of her system!


Gina is blessed to be mommy to an amazing two-year-old sassy and intuitive Libra girl, who is enlightened beyond her years. Gina is also a stepmother to three incredibly different, but equally amazing teenage boys. Born on 11/11, under a potent sun and moon sign of Scorpio, she experiences powerful emotions that people either benefit or run away from! She is originally from NY, but her soul-searching quests have led her to various major cities along the eastern seaboard. Currently, she is embarking on a new venture, leaving behind the comfort of 25 years of corporate life, to pursue psychic readings, full-time. She feels the pull of the universe to reroute souls in the right direction, with the help of Spirit Guides, dedicated Angels and Mystical Messengers. She connects with the energy of the living, those who've passed, and reincarnated loved ones. Her readings promote awareness and healing by identifying karmic lessons, understanding your soul's urge and answering questions on any area of life to promote overall happiness. As a watery, psychic Scorpio, she taps into a full range of emotions—from laughter to tears—and her clients leave her readings feeling lighter and more grounded at the same time. What could be more personally rewarding than that?


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