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Indigo at

Says: Sometimes all you need is a friend with a gift. I am a multi-generational clairvoyant, who can see what is unfolding and hear what goes unsaid. My guides and I use Tarot, and snapshot images to help you untangle life and find the peace you crave.

Charges:  $4.99
Speaks:  English
Reads By:  Telephone, Video Chat

Pendulum, Tarot, Numerology, Spirit Guides, Astrology, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Empathic, Love and Family, Life Path Issues, Past Lives, Spirituality, Prosperity, Timing, Karmic Lessons.


From an early age, Indigo's psychic senses alerted her to when something was wrong or when someone was lying. There simply was no keeping a secret from her! She was born into a family of clairvoyant women, all gifted at seeing the unseen. At 12, intense curiosity led her to study numerology and reflexology. Her stepfather supported her, teaching her about meridians, giving her techniques to unclog blocks. She studied Shaitsu reflexology and touch therapy, attending classes with her mom. She discovered astrology and found she could accurately guess the sign of others. At 35, she bought her first Tarot deck, and practiced on friends and family. In time, she could read others like a book. In her community, she joined a group, studying hauntings and metaphysical phenomena. She met a woman who helped her overcome past trauma trapped in previous incarnations. Indigo had a breakthrough moment, blocks were eliminated and the door opened to the next level of psychic development. While giving a reading, a mental picture flashed in her mind. She relayed the snapshot to her client. These snapshots were incorporated into all her readings, serving as a highly effective tool. Indigo continues to embrace new knowledge and study the work of others to open new pathways for helping others.


Indigo was utilizing her gifts and knowledge of numerology as a tween, performing accurate readings for others. As a teen, she studied astrology and some of the healing arts, such as Shiatsu, touch therapy, and reflexology, while she continued to incorporate new techniques that included simple yoga poses, meditation and deep breathing for stress release. Between 1998 and 2000, she worked as a phone psychic on a pay-per-minute line, which afforded her the opportunity to utilize time more efficiently, providing clients with valuable information in a limited timeframe. She also managed her own business for ten years, servicing as many as ten clients at a time. She's been employed by some of the more prestigious and upscale websites, affording her a lab with which to refine her methods and expand her abilities. With no professional mentors to formally guide her, she perfected her techniques on her own, through learning and practice. Devoting her time to pursuits that matter most, she has tirelessly worked to find runaway children, and has helped clients who've suffered from sexual abuse, bipolar disorder, abandonment issues, and PTSD. Indigo will always continue to study and develop new pathways of service, her talent, drive and compassion for others leading her onward.


A Leo, with a Taurus Ascendant and a Cancer Moon, Indigo can be quite stubborn when it comes to getting what she wants, or what she believes is right. But she can also be empathetic, emotional, and sensitive with that Cancer Moon, a protective mama who prizes emotional security and wants others to have it too. That Taurus rising sign makes her dependable, someone to be counted on, and with her chart ruler being Venus, Indigo does like peace when she can get it, and particularly enjoys long walks on the beach, near home, in the Pacific Northwest. Throughout her life, Indigo's curious nature and appreciation for knowledge has beautifully enhanced the gifts she's been given. Exploring other religions, and reading up on Mediums and Psychics, researching their methods, has breathed fire and life into her higher calling. She's her own best mentor! Her tireless energy for passionate pursuits is strongly symbolized by her Leo Sun that provides generosity and light for those in need. She's been a practicing Wiccan for over thirty years, which has enhanced every aspect of her personal and professional life. In her spare time, she plays poker, watches movies and shows, with a particular fascination for crime dramas.


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