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Isadora at

Says: As a Clairvoyant-Clairaudient, Empath, I bring the unknown into the known. Since 1998, I have provided accurate readings and spiritual healing for insight, clarity, and to help you grow as a soul.

Charges:  $6.48
Speaks:  English
Reads By:  Telephone

Clairvoyant, Psychic-Medium Readings, Tarot Readings, Lenormand Readings, Past Life Readings, Rune Stones Castings, Chakra Readings and Toning, Sedona Method Certified in Emotional Freedom Counseling, Spiritual Guidance.


Isadora knew she was different at age 4. While the family was away in Spain, her grandfather passed away, but paid a visit to let her know he survived death! This transformative event inked her life-path and set her soul's journey. She learned with top psychics, western mystics, and spiritual masters from the East. She mentored with the teaching staff from John Edwards' television series, Crossing Over, and studied Spiritual Awakening from Eckhart Tolle, Adyashanti, Tarot Author, Mary K. Greer, and Doreen Virtue. The Indian Oneness Movement enlightened and inspired her. She absorbed teachings from: Brenda Lawrence, Author Findlay College, Gangaji, Arjuna Ardagh, Ho'Oponopono and Healing Master, Jason L. Oliver. Hale Dwoskin, trained in The Sedona Method Technique from the movie, The Secret, helped her master a powerful releasing process. Isadora participated in Esther Hicks and Abraham Intensives Training, attended classes at Kali Ray TriYoga Santa Cruz, and became a Reiki Master. She has over 25 years of experience sitting with Eastern Masters and learning from top Psychics and Western Mystics around the globe. They lay the foundation for her unique practice that gets to the root of your situation, provides the answers you seek, and identifies the spiritual gift your situation holds.


Since 1993, Isadora has provided countless psychic readings to her devoted following, but she began her professional practice in 1998. She's read for thousands of people around the world, the list including: Hollywood actors and actresses, top CEOs from Fortune 500, staff from the Obama Administration, and other professionals. She's known as The Psychic's Psychic and the Healer's Healer. She particularly enjoys reading for all types of people, from various walks of life, feeling that each client is guided to her by Spirit. We are all the same underneath our titles and labels, and we are each attending the same school of life--school being something Isadora cannot get enough of! Always broadening her knowledge base, increasing her skills, and adding new techniques to her tool belt, she continues to enroll in metaphysical classes, understanding that there is no ceiling to what she can accomplish and provide for others. Isadora has trained others world-wide on how to recognize and hone their psychic gifts and how to read Tarot cards with pinpoint accuracy. Isadora is also a Certified, Master, Clinical Herbalist and is a Yoga Instructor 500 YTT. Clients report, just after one of her readings, that they feel as though their own psychic vision has just had a tune-up! Isadora prides herself on providing a compassionate and safe environment for you to discover who you are in this life, why you're here on Earth, and what you're here to do, so you can be the person you were born to be!


Isadora is a mother of 3 children, and she has been married for 22 years to a psychologist/energy healer. She's a fun-loving Gemini, who enjoys a good laugh, loves to study and learn, and can absorb knowledge and new techniques like a sponge! Add to this mix, a highly psychic Cancer Moon that can empathically feel your situation and connect to your energy, and an Aquarius Rising sign that can make intuitive leaps and feel compassion for your story. Isadora can laugh a good hard laugh with you, travel to the deepest depths with you, and she can cry with you when tragedy knocks on your door. She possesses a fierce loyalty to the truth and is also fair-minded. She was raised in a family of attorneys, counselors, and teachers. They gave her a great foundation in which to learn how to read people objectively. Isadora is also a Certified Herbalist, who enjoys spending time in nature, communing with the Faeries, and being near water. She starts each day with a yoga/meditation practice that balances and harmonizes her body. She teaches Tarot courses, and holds women's spiritual healing retreats at sacred sites throughout the world. Other fascinations include: Holistic Healing, Ancient Egypt, and Celtic mythology. Isadora loves to connect with others and looks forward to delivering answers and gifts that will transform your future.


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