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Jeffrey at

Says: Connection is key--to others, animals, the world, the unseen, unfelt, and unheard. For over 25 years, I have used my sensory and psychic skills to create a safe, comforting space, where health, joy and surprises are all part of the experience.

Charges:  $3.99
Speaks:  English
Reads By:  Telephone

Tarot Readings, Reiki Master, Tea Leaf Readings, Shamanism, Mediumship, Clairvoyance, Spirit Guides, Angel Cards.


When Jeffrey was six years old, he used to stare at his four fingers and tell people things about themselves and their lives, until he was told by his mother to stop. People weren't comfortable with how he accurately knew things without using palms, Tarot Cards, or astrological signs to help him. It was his own natural method he was relying on, not something he picked up from TV or elsewhere. Mind you, he was also just six years old, not an age that most would take seriously. But this didn't stop him. In fact, he tried teaching his friends how to play his four-fingers game. To this day, Jeffrey can still effectively use his old technique, only now he employs a wider array of skills to focus and utilize what he now understands to be his tangible sensory and psychic skills.

Jeffrey worked as an advertising writer on Madison Avenue, in NY. On his twenty-fifth birthday, he was gifted a set of Tarot Cards and would spend much of his free time studying them. He read numerous books and began to give readings for his family and friends, providing them with accurate info that encouraged him to continue with the Tarot. Five Years later, he embarked on a new professional career working as a psychic. He then began to branch out, studying all modes of psychic work, various religions and philosophies, and he delved into mindfulness and meditation. He studied Reiki and went on to receive his Reiki Mastership and also got seriously into Hawaiian Shamanism, incorporating its teachings into his everyday life.

If that weren't enough, Jeffrey also became devoted to teaching. For four years, he has worked as a middle school drama and chorus teacher and has developed and facilitated a training program for mental health services. He's proud of the environment he created in which others could share their struggles and successes, use motivational interviewing skills, and improvisation to mutually support others. This training provided benefits for non-profit mental health agencies and local community programs. Being a psychic isn't just a job for Jeffrey, it's a lifestyle. All of his experiences are valuable and he incorporates them into his life and work. Curiosity before judgement is his mantra, and it informs his psychic practice as well as his life.


Five years after studying and using the Tarot cards he was given on his twenty-fifth birthday, Jeffrey was hired by our nation's oldest psychic establishment as a psychic reader. While there, he devoutly devoured every mode of psychic healing he could find. Jeffrey found he was gravitated to simply tune into the Universe. He also incorporated Tarot, Reiki and Hawaiian Shamanism. It was amazing how dramatically his professional life had changed. No longer a nine to five advertising professional, he transformed himself into a highly effective Empathic Psychic Healer. There were many incredible Psychics and teachers who became his mentors, guiding him how best to expand his natural abilities. They trained and supported him to practice professionally as a Psychic.

Not only did Jeffrey practice in a psychic parlor, but he was invited to read for parties and at events in and around Boston, MA. He had a reputation for being able to tell people difficult things in a supportive manner… “You're nervous about getting a reading? See Jeff.” Jeffrey continues to privately practice as a psychic healer and counselor and is sought after at parties and events. As long as everyone feels comfortable, he'll pretty much offer his services just about anywhere! He's been known to read in parks, restaurants, cars and while using public transportation. Studying and performing improvisation has taught him that every moment is an opportunity to become who we want to be – “use everything, deny nothing.” One of his favorite ways to use his skills is to invite groups of clients over for a meal. He loves to cook vegan meals, where he'll read for everyone while they're eating. The phone psychic industry was in its infancy when he was working at the psychic tea parlor and it became customary to provide phone readings there. He was grateful and amazed that such strong psychic connections could develop over the phone. To this day, whether it's via phone, over the internet, on video, or in person, Jeffrey and his clients are surprised and comforted by the psychic connections and information that are passed along the metaphysical wire.


Jeffrey is a double Capricorn, with both the Sun and Ascendant in that earthy, powerful sign. He was born on Christmas Day to a Hispanic-Catholic Mother and an Eastern-European, Jewish Father. If his birth and its circumstances has taught him anything, it's that he gives as much as he's been given from his interesting background. The unconditional love he receives from his dog, Penelope, helps him practice this same trait. To Jeffrey, it's no coincidence that he trains people to practice mutual support. Jeffrey has lived and thrived in New York City and Boston, but he is nurtured by the mountains and ocean. Currently he lives in Westchester County, NY, in what he believes is the best of both worlds. His native language seems to be more music than English, and his strongest sense is his sense of humor. Just ask his six nieces and nephews, whom he hopes will agree. While studying metaphysics, he learned about vegan cooking and eating, a lifestyle that helps him to contribute to society compassionately and empathetically. It's also introduced him to a world filled with different spices, flavors and people. Would it surprise you to learn that working as a psychic does the same?


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