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Jessica at

Says: A gifted psychic and healer for 40+ years, - warm, serene and assured, bringing love and clarity to your life. My accurate guidance lights your soul-path on all issues from simple to complex, from relationships and career, to spiritual development.

Charges:  $4.99
Speaks:  English
Reads By:  Telephone, Video Chat

Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Healing, Empathic Attunement, Energy Reading, Tarot, Oracle, Pendulum, Runes, I Ching, Dream Interpretation, Soul Scrying, Mediumship, Angelic Guidance, Bibliomancy.


Jessica has given readings and practiced healing for forty years in her native England and her adopted home of Hawaii. A qualified psychotherapist and life coach, who ran a successful clinic and private practice in the UK, her unique approach is drawn from her innate gifts, clinical training, psychic development, shamanic foundation and her personal experience of being healed.

Hailing from generations of psychics, mediums and healers, the very first sentences Jessica uttered in life described the light-beings beside her crib. She is a born psychic and healer who also interprets dreams, hears messages, reads energy, links with those who have passed on, and her empathic gifts connect her to your soul’s purpose and life path. At seven years old, she gave her first unofficial, unnervingly accurate reading. Later, people sought her out as a mentor and coach, initially for intuitive guidance in business/financial matters. In time, their requests changed to focus on personal life issues, relationships and spiritual guidance.

Her psychic ability helped springboard a successful early business career, which ended abruptly due to ill health--Jessica’s guides having other plans for her! In 2002, after a profound healing and deep personal awakening, she was redirected into spiritual service and her healing gifts developed further into the areas of healing emotional trauma and relationships. Throughout her years in business, she studied Organizational and Motivational Psychology. After her life-healing, she retrained and qualified as a psychotherapist. During that time, Jessica was invited to join a closed shamanic healing order, further developing her innate gifts by working with people from all over the globe. Her psychic skills were fine-tuned by her years as part of this order, practicing: cutaway rites (of old relationships/ behaviours/ attachments), calling-in rites (of a life partner, life purpose or soul-group), and vision quests, sweat lodge ceremonies, hand-fastings, initiations, rites of passage and naming ceremonies.


Jessica reads for some of the most prominent international psychics. Among her long-term clients are some of the world’s most well-known entrepreneurs and U.S. media personalities. After thirty years of reading, many of her regular clients became like family. The longevity and loyalty of her regular clients is a testimony both to her ongoing accuracy and to Jessica’s heartfelt adherence to client confidentiality. Since she was seventeen, her psychic work grew by word of mouth, beginning initially as an unexpected adjunct to her main career. Over the years, it has developed and deepened to include many different kinds of readings and metaphysical experiences, with hundreds of people from around the world, via different platforms, providing Jessica with an exceptionally broad range and depth of skill and understanding.

The firm commitment Jessica maintains to her Divine guidance means that each reading follows its own path, unique to that particular client at that time. As guided, she may use healing, cards, pendulum, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, angelic connection, mediumship, channeling or any combination of these. Often, with energy healing, Jessica may be guided to take time and go deeper. Rather than charging for that time, she arranges that you call back within the hour, and guides you in being an active part of the healing during the time between calls. Jessica lives her belief that every part of us we consider weak or vulnerable, hurt, bad or wrong, is a potential resource for personal empowerment. Her work centers on encouraging you to open your heart and welcome the transformation that awaits you in every area of your life.


Astrologically, Jessica is an even balance of Earth, Water, Fire and Air. Her Sun sign is on the cusp of Aries and Taurus, combining that courageous, steady, loving nature with the depth of her Cancer moon, the humor and delight of her Gemini rising sign, the accuracy and honesty of her Jupiter in Virgo, underpinned by the kind, creative, deeply attuned strength bestowed by her fire and water trines in her personal planets. Jessica’s chart reflects the combination of characteristics perfectly blended for a life of joyful service as a catalyst for loving transformation. The youngest of eleven children, Jessica is married with children. She and her family live in rural Hawaii with their pack of rescue dogs, ranging in size from four to one hundred and fifty pounds! A licensed foster parent in the UK and Hawaii, she has parented over twenty children and teens; she is a passionate advocate for supporting young people to find an authentic and effective voice for positive systemic change. Throughout her former career as a successful entrepreneur and business consultant, Jessica spent her leisure time helping children with special needs. A student her entire working life, she has qualifications in several areas of psychology and is a published author on psychological and metaphysical subjects. For almost thirty years, Jessica lived the private hell of eating disorders, losing and gaining hundreds of pounds. After a lifetime of battling weight, food, poor self-image and failing health, she was led into spiritual practice. This practice delivered Jessica from eating disorders, dysfunctional relationships, trauma from sexual and physical abuse, as well as a myriad of chronic and acute physical illnesses. Her decision to be of service--first as a coach, then as a psychotherapist, and now as a transformational guide--was guided by a profound spiritual awakening, rooted in her own life experiences of recovery from eating disorders, being healed from debilitating illness, navigating single-parenthood. As a result of her own healing, Jessica was guided into working with young people and adults who carry emotional damage from life trauma.


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