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Joy at

Says: We all carry answers within. My purpose is to reflect answers back to you, so you are empowered to create your life with clarity and intention. With the help of my guides, I read your energy to reveal the information that will serve your highest good.

Charges:  $4.25
Speaks:  English
Reads By:  Telephone, Video Chat

Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Empathy, Channeling, Guides, Oracle Cards, Pendulum, Automatic Writing, Auric Readings, Reiki, Meditation, Chakras.


Joy's unusual journey began as a child. She could communicate with souls and possessed psychic and telepathic abilities. Secretly, she saw ghosts, knew what others would say, moved objects, and astral traveled. She lived in Northern California, a magical place with sensitive people and amazing energies. But in 7th grade, she moved back to Florida and shut down her abilities. She weathered tough emotional times, and it was difficult for her guides to reach her. Still, they managed to introduce her to many new and exciting things. In HS, she began meditating, and has since become certified to teach others. She was guided to work for a woman, Paula, who introduced her to Tarot and Auras. In college, Joy's “Sixth Sense” was alive again, with dead people often popping in unannounced! Paula helped her to manage the chaos. But by her early 30's, departed souls, Guides and Angels became overwhelming. Joy immersed herself in the metaphysical, reading, attending classes, and meditating. Amy Utsman transformed her life, teaching her to control her abilities and embrace her soul's destiny. Joy received her Reiki 2 certification and studied with Sandy Anastasi, John Edwards' teacher, honing her psychic/ channeling abilities. Dedicated to her higher calling, Joy will never stop learning or practicing her craft.


25 years ago, Joy embraced her soul's purpose and has been intuitively counseling others ever since. She began with friends, giving them advice and healing energy, while continuing to work on expanding her knowledge and abilities. As a hairstylist, she found herself frequently providing readings, energy healings, and teaching clients meditations to open up their psychic abilities. As an adult, living in California, she traded readings for other goods or services, while building her confidence. Often she would sit next to strangers who'd confide their problems and ask her for advice, and she'd give them readings and perform energy work on them. For three years straight, spirit would goad her into providing readings for strangers in public, passing along important messages she received. She would observe the instant relief and awareness appear on their faces, making these embarrassing encounters worthwhile. Joy worked in a local shop by her home, offering readings and Reiki, and she taught crystal basics. For the last several years, she has worked from home and has traveled to clients' homes for Medium or Psychic Reading parties. When her Guides made it clear she needed to counsel people full-time, she knew it was time to make it her business, but always with the intent of serving others.


Joy is a double Cancer, born June 25, 1974, and, true to her sign, she is both super-sensitive and super-loyal. All Cancers may experience the moody side of life, wearing their emotions on their sleeves. But with Cancer as her Sun's life path sign, she has the unique ability to connect with others, a trait given to her by the moon, the sun's ruler. The moon is a soulful luminary that can, in fact, communicate with other souls too! Joy experiences increased energy when she passes along important messages to the public, sensing the awareness she brings to others, and feeling the emotional fulfillment that comes from her internal higher calling being satisfied. She resides in South Carolina, enjoying the lush forest and rivers all around her. She lives in a small RV, enabling her to travel as she sees fit, feeding her free spirit. Joy loves to practice Yoga and meditate outside in nature, first thing in the morning. Connecting with the energies within and without allows her to be in tune with her gifts throughout the day. Other hobbies include: cooking, camping, kayaking, hiking, going to the beach, or doing just about anything outdoors. Every opportunity she gets, she is always studying, learning and loving life! Fondly, she describes her Pit Bull as not only a companion, but a soulmate, whom she has traveled with through many lifetimes. Joy loves to practice Yoga and meditate outside in her beautiful pergola. Connecting with the energies within and without allow her to also be a gifted Reiki practitioner. Other hobbies include: camping, kayaking, hiking, going to the beach, or doing just about anything outdoors. Every opportunity she gets, she is always studying, learning and loving life!


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