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June at

Says: Faith consists of believing when it is beyond the power of reason to believe - Voltaire. Everyone at some point finds themselves at a crossroads, stuck and unsure of how to move ahead. My Spirit Guides and I will remove blocks and guide you on your path.

Charges:  $2.99
Speaks:  English
Reads By:  Telephone

Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Mediumship, Tarot, Gem Stones


June has been seeing Spirit since she was very young, and hales from a long line of gifted women. Although each generation had their different gifts and abilities that were their strengths, they all learned from one another how to control their individual gifts to help others. June is an active member of a spiritualist church, and has counseled church members in all areas of their lives.

Over the years, she's found that her gifts have been constantly changing and evolving, her talents growing. She has earned a high accuracy rating, honed through her years of reading for congregation members. It has always been nice for her to enjoy a front row seat to watch things playing out just the way Spirit said it would. And it's such a pleasure to witness events unfold. It gives June great pleasure to set peoples' minds at ease with what they thought were insurmountable problems. But she has learned, first hand, that there is always a way past any obstacle.

She works hard at constantly challenging her Guides and herself to explore new abilities and new ways of enhancing her readings. She truly believes we never stop learning, even after we move on to the next plane. Some days, without warning, she'll discover a new ability. It's even comical at times, because it will emerge in the middle of a reading, usually, and she finds herself as equally shocked as the person getting the reading. Through her years of providing one-on-one and internet readings, June has learned how to interpret the things Spirit is showing her in different ways. But she never gives information that does not come directly from Spirit.


For over fifteen years, June has been providing professional readings. But she has actually been using her gifts to help others for over forty-two years, as it took her a while before she felt confident enough to work professionally at it. Since 2009, June has been working on online sites, finding it to be the best way to help people who may not have found her through more conventional avenues. She also continually searches out new sources of information to help improve her readings. She is an active member of her Spiritualist Church, since 2002, and has attended numerous workshops, and developmental classes to help broaden her abilities. Versatile in her reading style, she tends to tailor her technique to suit the client's needs in the moment. One day she may be compassionate and the next she may need to be more direct with her answers. It all depends on what is needed at the time. Her information tends to come quickly, so she's inclined to speak fast when Spirit is working through her.

Over the past fifteen years of professional reading, June has helped thousands of people in all areas, including: relationship problems, the passing of a loved one, career and finance, real estate decisions--you name it, she will be able to help you with it. There is no problem too big or too small for her Spirt guides to help you with. Her guides take great pleasure in doing this type of work and love helping people.


June is a double Taurus, which means her sun sign and rising signs are both in Taurus. Therefore, she can be quiet stubborn at times--just ask her husband! But it is also a sign--more than any of the others--that can faithfully be counted on. She and her husband share their home with seven, four legged children that include: five Pomeranians, one Pit Bull and one mixed dog. There is not a day that goes by that one of them doesn't do something to make her laugh. A true animal lover, she believes that everyone should, at some point in their lives, have the pleasure of having a pet of some kind. Besides being a professional reader, June also owns multiple rental properties which she manages herself. She has also become quite the interior designer, over the years, and finds it comical that she can guess the time frame of when she bought a property by how she remodeled it! As a double earth sign, nature is important to her. Currently, she lives in Indiana, near Lake Michigan, in a rural area where the only neighbors she has are the deer and other critters that reside there. This is where she finds peace, living in the woods surrounded by trees and nature. In the past, she's had her share of ups and downs in this life. She was divorced after a twenty-two year marriage, and it forced her to face some things she never thought she would have to face. She admits to being stuck in the past for a good couple of years, while she was healing. But then one day she was reunited with a childhood friend who soon became more than a friend, and eventually became her husband and life partner.


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