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Kelly at

Says: Seek your truth and discover your true destiny! My 20+ years reading Tarot will provide all the honest, accurate answers you need to get your life back on track. Take back your power with Spirit based Tarot you can trust. The results will amaze!

Charges:  $3.99
Speaks:  English
Reads By:  Telephone, Video Chat

Clairaudient, Claircognizant, Tarot Readings, Angel Card Readings, Animal Card Readings, Intuitive Life Coaching, Life Purpose and Career Coaching, Relationship Advice, Empathic Listening, Spiritual Counseling.


Kelly has always felt a strong connection to God and Spirit. She's found many ways to connect to the Divine, her abilities growing exponentially over time. Her first experience with tarot was during a painful time in her life. She was in a love relationship, wondering if she should work through it or cut her losses. A co-worker noticed her stress and offered to give her a reading. Kelly grew up in a religious household that would consider Tarot a devilish practice and would frown upon a reading. Ultimately, she pushed past her fear and accepted the offer, and she's certainly glad she did! The reading was laser accurate, enlightening, gave her clarity, and resonated with her own intuition. That was 23 years ago, today. Imagine that one moment sparking a lengthy exploration and adventure into Tarot divination that eventually led her to becoming the professional reader she is today. Over the years, she's poured over volumes of metaphysical works, performed hundreds of readings for herself and for others, and has witnessed the power that comes from gaining clarity and direction from the Tarot. She now hears and recognizes Spirit in many ways. Through signs in nature, songs, conversations, oracle cards, and so much more, Kelly can connect her clients to a wealth of invisible information they can now access.


Psychic Tarot Readings are just the tip of the iceberg in Kelly's professional resume. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Education and an elementary school teaching credential. In 2009, she became certified as a Life and Career Coach, and recently obtained a Masters Degree in Counseling, spending time nurturing and counseling clients who struggle with substance abuse and mental health challenges. She has a solid foundation of education and training, along with intuitive gifts that allow her to serve others in many capacities. When providing readings, her clients get the whole combo! Spiritual life counseling, laser-like coaching, and channeled messages from the Divine are provided accordingly, depending on individual needs. Clients always leave a session feeling clear, positive, supported and renewed. Throughout the years, she's been fortunate to provide readings to loyal and happy clients who continue to seek her services and refer her to their friends and family members. Until now, Kelly has primarily worked part-time as a tarot reader, while expanding her education and professional experience in coaching and counseling. She has worked simultaneously for herself and for outside organizations, which has given her the freedom, stability, and variety she craves. A seeker of knowledge, Kelly is always looking to evolve and expand her awareness and capabilities to better serve others.


Although Kelly was born and raised in California, she recently moved to Nevada and is loving desert living among the white-capped mountains. She has an identical twin sister who was a lot of fun to grow up with, a sister she is still very close to today. Kelly can be both a social butterfly and a homebody, enjoying laughter and lightness with friends and family, or staying home to read, watch a suspenseful movie, or write in her journal. She has a tender heart for animals, supports animal rights causes, and is a self-professed Cat Lady! But her self-care secret is watching and rooting for her favorite sports teams. Giants baseball, Warriors basketball, and Sharks hockey are great outlets for yelling out loud without looking strange! As a typical Taurus born sign, she tends to be focused, determined and purposeful in all that she does. Kelly feels it's also important to relax and wander and is refreshed by walking in nature or just reveling in the beauty of the sun, the moon and the stars. She loves to learn about other cultures and philosophies and is currently trying to tackle Spanish! Overall, her goals in life are to continue growing personally, spiritually and professionally, laughing as often as possible, and making a difference in the lives of all those around her.


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