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Kimberly at

Says: Will you EVER meet the person who is meant for you? Kimberly is the psychic to ask! Let me help you find YOUR special someone! With 20+ years experience helping others, I will give you the clear and precise answers YOU are looking for.

Charges:  $3.99
Speaks:  English
Reads By:  Telephone, Video Chat

Tarot Readings, Medium, Psychic Readings, Aura Readings, Aura Cleansings, Crystal Readings, Chakra Cleansings, Love & Relationship Advice, Career Advice, Health Awareness Readings, Family Readings, Ancient Runes, Past Lives.


Since she was four, she has been able to use her inner sight to observe what others couldn't see around them. As a fourth generation psychic, she was fortunate to have family available to teach her how to control the powerful abilities that she possessed. One of her early mentors was his grandmother who lived with her until the age of eleven. She taught Kimberly how to focus on someone's feelings and to pickup the situations that were going on around them. Still to this day, she uses these same techniques her grandmother taught her. After she passed, Kimberly moved back with her parents, where she remained until the age of sixteen. There, her mother and aunts taught her the art of Tarot, how to read palms and the intricacies of aura and chakra cleansing. Her aunt was especially gifted at spell casting and passed her talent on to her. She has found this knowledge useful in many areas, and especially helpful with relationship issues. Many have come to her, wondering if their soulmate is currently in their life, and if not where they can find them. Kimberly has become an expert in the area of relationship counseling and has helped many of her clients to find their life partners. She has counseled everyday people and celebrities alike and firmly believes that no client is any less or more important than another.


For over twenty years, she has used her formidable skills as a psychic to counsel clients who reside all around the globe. She has dedicated her life to helping others and is always looking forward to the experience of turning the lives around for those clients who somehow seem to magically arrive on her doorstep. For ten years, since the age of sixteen, she has cast her spells, taught to her by her gifted aunt, and has run a successful psychic book shop in Danbury, CT, for four of those years. When she was only eleven, she began providing professional readings for young children and friends. As word spread of this little girl's extraordinary talents, her clientele grew and people were amazed by the gifts bestowed upon one so young. By the age of sixteen, she adopted the title of "Spiritual Advisor" and professionally guided others who had fallen off course onto their true paths in life. When she was twenty-one, she moved to Manhattan and opened her first psychic shop, performing private readings for a growing clientele. She discovered many cultures in this city's giant melting pot and began to learn as much from her clients as she imparted to them. By late 2003, she moved to Connecticut where she finally found the peace of mind to do as she pleased. She ran her own shop, drew in countless amounts of clients and found that she had the answers that each of them had been specifically looking for. Before her passing, she had the great pleasure of meeting Anna Nicole Smith and presented her with the advice she was given. She found that her messages gave the troubled young woman peace for those last few months she had remaining.


She's a Pisces. She enjoys painting and drawing, especially scenes of the mountains, from her bedroom window. Her favorite time of the year would have to be the Winter. She loves when the first snow falls and blankets everything in a sheet of white fluff. As a successful practitioner who has dedicated her life to helping others, she enjoys helping those in need. She volunteers at a local homeless shelter, providing clothing and hot food, and runs a recycling drive, with the proceeds going to a local children's hospital. Helping others is a main priority, which is part of her Pisces nature, and she does not regret a single second of the way she has lived her life.


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