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Kristie at

Says: Want to unlock your true potential, get those burning questions answered? An intuitive empath, energy healer, and manifestation and spiritual life coach, I offer clarity on relationships, love life, and all life areas.

Charges:  $4.49
Speaks:  English
Reads By:  Telephone

Energy Readings, Angel Card Readings, Clairaudient, Oracle Card Readings, Law Of Attraction Manifestation, Manifestation Coaching, Soul Alignment Coaching, Spiritual Life Coaching,


Kristie was just 3 years old when she began having visions of things that would come to pass in just a few days/weeks later, often shocking her mom with whom she shared these visions. When she was little, she mostly kept her gifts to herself, feeling embarrassed by them. None of her peers had these same abilities and she didn't fully understand them. As she grew older and embraced her talents, she practiced them on friends and family. As she did so, the gifts grew stronger and she decided to help as many people as possible, making it her full-time job. Since then, things have really taken off! She received certifications in life coaching, energy healing, reiki, and manifestation coaching. An eternal student, she's always trying to learn more and add to her list of certifications, enabling her to help a broad range of people. She's had the opportunity to be a guest speaker on multiple podcasts focusing on spirituality, mental health & life path. The saying, "You will never work a day in your life, if you do what you love," is 100% her reality. Kristie is beyond thankful for her gifts and grateful to help as many clients as she's helped around the world and from all walks of life.


For the last 10 years, Kristie has provided private readings in her local area and has been hired to read for larger groups at parties and gatherings. Working internet hotlines seemed like a natural next step toward expanding her reach, and she's now worked online for the last 4 years, quickly becoming a top-rated online reader. Currently, she's read for 10K+ clients around the world from many backgrounds, clients who have faced many types of life challenges. Her client list includes numerous sought-after celebrities, CEO's, and countless other professionals. She is blessed to say she has served thousands of happy clients and maintains an extensive following, which includes at least one regular client from six out of the seven continents. Kristie enjoys engaging in various types of readings, which has magnified her understanding of others. She feels it's no coincidence that you have stopped on her profile for a reading. The universe, the Intuitive, and the client are somehow miraculously brought together for a reason, and you will receive Kristie's brand of spiritual life coaching, soul alignment coaching, and manifestation coaching that will uniquely help you to find the clarity you need.


Kristie's sun is in the nurturing and Intuitive Cancer sign. She is engaged to an amazing Virgo and is set to tie the knot in June, 2023. A proud dog mom and lover of dachshunds, there is something about a hot dog that pulls at her heartstrings! Her current dachshund is a rescue, a blessing Kirstie received when the pup was 12 weeks old. Though she has a special fondness for dogs, her love for furry creatures extends to all animals. In her spare time, Kristie enjoys spending time with family, traveling to new places, going on new adventures and learning new things. In fact, she makes it a goal to learn something new every day. She's a huge city girl, very outgoing, and she enjoys being around new people. Energy is everything and she finds new people so inspiring. She loves connecting with different and unique energies that feed her soul. Because her watery, empathic sun sign is so sensitive to the energy of others, every month she learns a new grounding technique to self-align and recharge her batteries. A main way of feeling recharged and fulfilled is by helping others. That's why she's so sincere and passionate about her work, holding herself to a high standard of honesty, compassion, and integrity.


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