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Krystal at

Says: Utilizing Divine Gifts and Guides, I instantly receive info and connect with your energy just by hearing the sound of your voice! I will help bring clarity, direction and hope to your concerns, supplying love and light for positive rewards.

Charges:  $6.99
Speaks:  English
Reads By:  Telephone

Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Clairtangency, Claircognizant, Energy Balancing, Chakra Cleansing, Mediumship, Past-Life Regression, Animal Intuitive, Love Psychic, Career Psychic, Dream Interpretation, Spiritual Teacher


At age 5, Krystal was seeing future events around her family. She recalls a voice advising her to help her mom and grandma to stop fighting, due to a tragedy that was soon coming. The vision she was shown included a desk and a chair. 3 weeks later, her grandfather fell back in his chair at his desk, suffered a heart attack and passed. These events changed her childhood forever. She felt sadness and pain for others and discovered a powerful connection with animals. The neighborhood dogs would communicate their suffering, and she would place Vaseline on their ears for their fly bites. Her abilities expanded into different areas of life, and she sought out many teachers and classes for guidance. Her psychic gifts proved so strong, she later became a guide for those same teachers! In her 20's she switched gears, becoming a veterinarian nurse for 6 years, then a dog groomer, and eventually she owned her own business for 2 decades. She taught spiritual classes and became an Ordained Minister, then traveled and gave lectures. Her own TV talk show and Radio show soon followed. One day her guides said, "It is time." So, she moved across the state for a new beginning and new goals. The animals are still an important presence, but she is now blessed with even more tools to offer, as her journey continues.


Krystal has been a professional psychic advisor and psychic teacher for nearly 5 decades, helping thousands of people in all walks of life and all over the world, to better understand their journey and the obstacles they face. She has helped many become comfortable with their gifts, to better understand their talents and to navigate the spiritual realm. She's enjoyed many opportunities to work with police in missing persons cases and in other types of investigations, as well. She's been a notable psychic lecturer and has serviced countless clients at psychic fairs, since 1980. She hosted her very own live on-air TV talk show for 3 years, which became #1 in the ratings, and was subsequently expanded to a 1 hour time slot. Her radio show likewise soared! It was only because of a move that she was forced to cancel her show. Krystal has been an online presence on websites, she's been featured on many psychic commercials, and has read for popular celebrities in the music world. She's helped over 50,000 people find answers to their most burning questions, and Krystal is dedicated to continue on her magical path, while always expanding her gifts and teaching others how to tap into their own psychic talents. As always, the journey continues!


A hard-working Capricorn, Krystal's dedication to her craft knows no bounds! Ohio is her home state, a place she and her husband/soul-mate were born and raised. They are parents to twin girls and grandparents, as well, living in their dream home, built 225 years ago on 200 acres. With much open space, they may have as many animals as they like. And they like to have a lot! They are true humanitarians who have rescued many dogs, cats, horses, and critters. Currently, they own 5 horses, 4 dogs, and 15+ cats. They love helping others and being a part of their community. She's been a 4-H advisor, and also a dog trainer and an award winning horse trainer, developing a traveling Equine drill team featured on national TV. Following in her father's footsteps, shehas driven race cars and was the first female driver (holding 4 titles). In her spare time, she whittles walking sticks, and is an avid stone collector. She has written and performed outdoor dramas, and is an Ordained Minister, who's performed marriages and eulogies. She and her husband would often jump on their Harleys for a ride, enjoying the freedom of the road. A heart attack in 2020 sidelined her temporarily, but her guide said to open another door. Krystal listened, and here she is on your doorstep!


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