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Lani at

Says: If there is anyones head you would like to get into, my natural abilities as an empath and a clairvoyant can help you to see your way clear to a better future.

Charges:  $3.99
Speaks:  English
Reads By:  Telephone, Video Chat

Psychic Counseling, Love and Relationships, Clairvoyant, Empathic, Dream Interpretation, Spirit Guides, Career & Family Issues.


She's a third generation psychic, inheriting her gifts from her mother and grandmother, who were a strong influence in her life. They recognized her talents immediately and began tutoring their young prodigy at an early age. In addition to her other skills as a clairvoyant and dream interpreter, she is a natural born empath, and can feel what others feel. Often one confuses an empath with someone who is merely sympathetic, but the two are not at all alike. Someone who is sympathetic can understand someone's pain, but someone who is empathic, can actually experience that pain and take it on themselves, whether or not they have an understanding of the situation. Empathic comes from the Greek words 'empatheia,' meaning passion, and 'pathein,' meaning to experience or suffer. Rather than knowing what's happening through her mind, she instead uses her entire nervous system, particularly the spinal cord and the primitive brain, to actually feel the situation for herself. For her clients, this means that Lani is actually privy to what a client's lover is feeling, or what a friend or family member is experiencing. She can also feel your difficulties and immediately pinpoint your dilemma. Through this gift, she can accurately guide you to make the right decisions that will improve your future.


She's counseled thousands of people from around the world and maintains hundreds of regular clients who keep coming back for more. Fifteen years ago, she began her psychic practice by conducting private readings from her home and later worked for several national lines for many years. She's been the main attraction at psychic parties and has traveled around the country, wherever she's needed. Currently, she is a top advisor on several 'live advice' internet sites as well. Not only has she proven her skills as an empath, but she's used her abilities as a clairvoyant and a dream interpreter to enhance her readings. She also calls upon spirit guides to successfully find solutions to even the most hopeless of all situations.


Her family includes her husband whom she lives with in Alabama and a daughter who is currently residing in Florida. She's a Pisces and enjoys boating, swimming, four wheeling, and just about any other outdoor activity.


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