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Laura at

Says: The more issues we resolve, the more we evolve. As a Psychic and Shaman, I utilize my gifts and divination tools to help you see the truth, awaken your spirit and overcome any problem. My approach is straightforward but compassionate because I truly care.

Charges:  $4.99
Speaks:  English
Reads By:  Telephone

Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Clairvoyance, Tarot Card Reading, Pendulum Charting, Spiritual Therapy, Astrology Analysis, Shamanic healing.


At an early age, Laura began to notice her abilities and worked on strengthening them through self-development techniques, observing other religions/cultures and seeking the truth. Growing up, she found herself constantly asking meaningful questions, such as: why is our world in such peril; why are people dying, when there are cures; why is their racism, when we are all beautiful; why is there worldwide poverty, when we have more than enough; and, why has this been happening for centuries, when it's clear we have a huge problem! After pondering these thoughts for years, she realized her purpose was to lead others out of the darkness and into the reality of where we need to be as a society. By using her intuition, divination tools and creative spirit, she knew her mission was to help resolve and heal these issues. Laura has a multi-ethnic background, and has been guided by her ancestors who transmit information from the past, through visions and channeling, to assist Laura in her work. Spiritually, she's a mixed bag of traditional meets mystical, blending the best parts of Christian, Jewish and Muslim faiths with intuition and magic. She's been referred to as a witch, but considers herself a Shaman working with dimensions/realms, as opposed to rituals/covens/spell-work.


Attracting people from all walks of life, Laura has always been the type others come to for advice and direction. People open up about everything--feeling comfortable in her presence--trusting in her wisdom. She began to practice astrology and use divination tools at fifteen, but didn't take it seriously till she was twenty. Realizing hard work and counseling deserved payment, she first offered readings to friends and family. They, in turn, helped build her clientele, via word-of-mouth. In her late 20fs, she was the only female security guard at the Minneapolis music festivals, and her popularity began to soar. She set up shop and charged $10 a reading to answer one question. Within 4 days, she earned $800.00, and offered readings every summer over the next few years, until it grew too difficult to travel out of state. As a single mom, it became untenable for her to leave her son for more than a week. But Laura found other ways to ply her trade, honing her Clairaudient, Clairsentient, and Clairvoyant talents through: Tarot and Oracle readings, Pendulum charting, and Astrological analysis. An initiated Shaman, she's helped others transcend fear and resolve dark aspects to achieve greatness and overcome past limitations--a 13 year process that went from 2002 till she graduated in 2015.


Laura was born on the cusp of Capricorn and Aquarius--what they call a critical and powerful degree in the life of the native—and she carries the energy of both signs. Her Capricorn sign makes her a determined and business-minded entrepreneur--a goat that is capable of climbing the mountain and going the distance--while her Aquarius side champions innovation, optimism and tackles humanitarian issues. Laura loves immersing herself in discussions on world politics, conspiracy theories, and all the mysteries of life. Every day is busy, but she finds ways to balance her work with her personal life. She homeschools her eleven-year-old son, Hakan, feeling that our educational institutions aren't addressing the real needs of our children today. She prefers being in the company of kids over adults, finding their wisdom, humor, and spirit to be incredibly pure. In her spare time, Laura loves being at home making food, jewelry, and spiritual art that she sells on Etsy. She also enjoys working out, keeping her body well-maintained and in-balance, along with her Spirit. We are, after all, physical beings living a spiritual existence, and itfs important to address the Spirit as well as our bodies. Laura holds degrees in Cosmetology, Spa Esthetics and is taking her final exam for Personal Training at ISSA International.


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