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Layna at

Says: I offer honest, accurate psychic guidance with gifts that allow me inside the heads of others, revealing their thoughts and feelings. As an Empathic Clairvoyant, I will provide details on any situation and help you choose your best course of action.

Charges:  $4.99
Speaks:  English
Reads By:  Telephone, Video Chat

Psychic, Clairvoyant, Empath, Clairsentient, Clairaudient, Channel, Astrology


Layna’s psychic abilities are described by her mom as being like an antenna, her talents inherited from her grandmother and other relatives. She could see Spirits, receive premonitions, and know information she couldn’t possibly have known. Her parents tried to hide things from her, but there was no hiding anything from Layna! By 12, her fascination with occult knowledge and psychic worlds, led her to the library to research her abilities. At 20, a professional psychic informed her she’d be helping others with her gifts. Though initially doubtful, by 21, Layna began offering readings professionally. She developed a unique method that guided clients to realize the best course of action on their own, and to tap into their natural intuition. At 26, she was led to an astrologer, but was skeptical, at first. Nevertheless, she tried a class, and was blown away by the astoundingly detailed and accurate information revealed to her in that first meeting! Layna became a graduate of her intensive 3 year astrology program, and has been offering professional astrology readings, along with her psychic readings, ever since! Clients have often confided that her astrology readings are the best they’ve ever received! 13 years later, she takes great joy in assisting people around the world, delivering honest, ethical and compassionate readings to all.


Since 2005, Layna has offered professional, nonjudgmental, and honest psychic readings and astrological consultations. She’s reached thousands around the world—including some celebrities--working online and in the places she's lived. She’s moved around a handful of times, but has always become somewhat known where she is, as word of her abilities spread. Most of her business is word of mouth, and she has gathered and retained many devoted clients along the way. She builds life-long relationships through trust and accuracy--making each client a priority--and she is NEVER dishonest with any of them. She’s been told many times, by returning clients, that she’s the only psychic who told the truth about their situation. She never tires or suffers burnout from helping people with her gifts, a hazard common to strong Empaths. That’s because she can control her gifts and handle their energy. Clients know how much she cares, and the only thing that matters is helping them. When you become her client, you aren't just someone she speaks to whenever you happen to reach out to her. You will be on her mind, even off the clock. Layna often has dreams about her clients, in which information is revealed. She prays and sends them good energy, on a regular basis, and would never charge money for that service.


Layna is a Libra, and perhaps that is why she cares so much about all her relationships, including those special relationships she shares with her clients. Relationships are literally the main focus of her life! In her chart, her Libra Sun rules the areas of her life that pertain to her psychic abilities and her career. Nowhere else in her life does her strong compassion, desire for fairness, and attentiveness to relationships shine brighter than in her dealings with clients. Currently, she lives in the Boulder, Colorado area with her husband and their two completely spoiled cats. Someday, they may have children, although her strong maternal instincts are currently devoted entirely to her clients and to her creative pursuits. She believes that having a great relationship with her husband helps her to truly understand the nature and difficulty of romantic relationships, and how to make them work. She comes from a loving and very humorous Irish American family, and she is a third-generation psychic on both sides of her tree. Layna was brought up to always be true to herself, and to show kindness to everyone. She is nonjudgmental and compassionate in her style, she’s ethical in her work, and is always, without exception, honest.


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