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Lili at

Says: Know the Truth and get clear as I read your energy and open up your world. I heal hearts and guide relationships. Ask for the answer and I will give it to you, along with a sincere and in-depth analysis of the intentions of those around you.

Charges:  $3.99
Speaks:  English
Reads By:  Telephone, Video Chat

Clairsentient, Tarot Reading, Love & Relationships, Career & Finance, Family, Money, Past, Present & Future Lives.


When she was a child, Lili could hear the voices of people around her whom she could not see herself. She hid her secret, even from herself, trying to ignore what was happening. As a teenager, she was always eager to see her grandmother and to receive a fortune from her, using coffee and playing cards as her divining tools of choice. Lili always wanted to learn from her, but felt she didn't have the ability to absorb her talent. Her grandmother was a great psychic and Lili hadn't a clue at the time that she was actually following in her path. As time passed and she entered her twenties, Lili started to see and feel the things around her better, and started to predict without the need of tools. She could even pick up on her own pregnancy, etc.

Always feeling the strong pull and desire to help others, she became a nurse after three years of experience in the field. One day she asked God, why she wasn't happy with her job, and further asked about her mission in this life--specifically why she came to this world… to do what? That very week, she had a dream that someone told her to engage in fortune-telling with cards, but Lili felt so confused about the suggestion. She used to see a Tarot reader in her town, and the experience ignited her interest in the cards. She then went to purchase a Tarot deck of her own with a booklet to help her study the ancient art. Upon opening the Tarot deck, she shuffled the cards and tried a reading, but she was not sure that she did it correctly. She then began to offer readings for friends and relatives and an interesting thing happened. After reading the book only one time, she felt all the information flooding to her and began relating all she knew! Fifteen years later, Lili has earned a reputation for astounding accuracy, receiving information through her Angels, who guide her throughout her readings.

She has, over the years, through her countless readings—literally too many to count—predicted vital and important information for her clients. She believes her rare talent is a Gift given to her from God, and for that she is most grateful and careful to use it to benefit and inspire others. Lili can feel her positive energy flow to others to create what is an uplifting experience for all. Her great passion for reading is infectious, and she takes great pride in ensuring that when a client hangs up the phone, they receive full satisfaction from the in-depth reading she provides. She believes everything in this world is composed of energy. Tarot works with this same energy, and is therefore the reason she's able to provide accurate readings over the phone.


Lili has been utilizing her expertise at Tarot for the last fifteen years, sharing her unique insights along with the divine messages of the cards and the direct messages she receives from her Angels. Using her special psychic gifts, she is able to recognize the negative energy in her clients' lives, and with the gift GOD has given her, she provides detailed guidance in most matters of life. Clients love the positive energy that accompany her readings, readings she's provided throughout the world. She reads at psychic events held in the United States and showers her gifts upon large groups of people at parties. In her own country of origin, she's been a teacher of Tarot, imparting her wisdom to enthusiastic students.

When it comes to counting the numbers of customers she's served, she finds there's too many to count! She's touched so many lives, including some of the rich and famous that include: authors, song writers, and actresses. Lili welcomes any questions on matters of love, money, career, family, law, relationship, past, present and future situations. She's regarded for her honesty and her clientele can attest to the fact that no problem is too big or too small for her to solve. The advice she provides diminishes your problems, and provides a clear opinion from an outsider's perspective, making your solutions that much easier to apply. If you are simply lacking confidence, she urges you to try to focus on one problem at a time. Her goal for the future is to create a unique Tarot deck based on her own life experiences to assist clients to see their own lives through her unique and artful designs.


Born on November 28, Lili is an inspirational Sagittarius, with an expansive supply of positive energy that she shares selflessly with her clients. She currently lives in Nevada, is a happily married woman, and has a beautiful daughter and two adorably cute dogs. Her husband is wonderfully supportive of her career and has always been there for her from the start. He tries to join her for events that take her out of town to see clients. And in-turn, Lili attends to her role as mother and wife, balancing her time during the day to take care of the household, and always be there for the people she cares for: her husband, daughter and her clients. She loves working with children and teaching them to rise to their potential in life. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, friends, and walking the dogs. She loves to travel the world and treasures her visits with friends, being available to help them whenever they want. She feels we have to love each other; it's the only way we can be satisfied in life.


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