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Lucinda at

Says: I have been psychic for 43 years. Spirit came to me at 16 years of age to guide me in on my own earthly experience and help others do the same. I shall happily predict for you and assist you through your challenges to a happier and more empowered life.

Charges:  $4.99
Speaks:  Fluent English
Reads By:  Telephone, Video Chat

Clairvoyant, Spiritual Empath, Oracle Card Reader, Spiritual Life Coach, Angel Card Reader, Emotional Healer, Dream Interpretation, Rune Casting, Numerology.


Lucinda is a trained Doreen Virtue Angel Card Reader Dream Analyst Spiritual Life Coach Empath and Teacher in The Law of Attraction. She is also an active member of Beyond Freedom Evolution an online training programme that inspires educates and motivates people to become the very best version of themselves. Lucinda initially dismissed her spiritual gifts to begin with as she thought the information she was receiving from spirit was merely a coincidence. However as time went by and the coincidences kept on repeating Lucinda came to recognise that she did indeed have psychic skills that could help both herself and others throughout their earthly experiences. For over 12 years now Lucinda has predicted with high accuracy on relationships careers businesses love spiritual growth and much more What Lucinda REALLY likes to do however is help people with their problems because while it is good to predict that things should turn out well sometimes people need help today and this is where Lucinda's empathic skills spiritual guidance and life coaching come into play. Over the years Lucinda has learned that we do not merely predict the future but can influence it as well. Therefore Lucinda will advise where appropriate on how an individual could work with the Law of Attraction to attract their desires.


For over 12 years Lucinda has happily worked in the psychic field which she feels is her true passion and calling in life. During this time Lucinda has worked with people from all around the world helping them to lead better lives. While Lucinda has many tools at her disposal where giving readings are concerned she always prefers the client to choose what form of divination they like best as it is essential believes Lucinda that they are comfortable with their reading so that she can fully connect with her client and thus give them the best possible guidance and advice. Lucinda has been trained by her guides for over 40 years and one of the subjects she is most fascinated in is The Law of Attraction and one of her roles in the psychic field is to teach other people how they could work with this remarkable Law to endeavour to attract what they desire and deserve in life. As Lucinda has been considerably challenged in her own life she has become an excellent empath but always endeavours to empower people via her readings and spiritual advice. Dream analysis is also one of Lucinda's favourite subjects and is part of her service as she has been taught that our dreams contain a lot of symbology through which the spirit world guide us Lucinda will continue to educate herself in the spiritual field for the remainder of her working life as by doing so it always helps her to give of her best to others. Lucinda has had her personal challenges in life including a difficult childhood her sisters died relatively young and her son was born three months prematurely and has high-functioning autism ADHD and OCD. Nevertheless Lucinda is adamant that these very same challenges have given her strength that she can pass on to others.


Lucinda is a typical Taurean who loves her creature comforts. She lives with her husband Charlie a retired Civil Engineer and her son Jonathan who has just started college in a beautiful village in North Yorkshire England. Her hobbies include keep-fit including walking listening to music from the 1950s and 60s psychology personal development parapsychology and of course The Unknown Lucinda feels blessed to have the family she does and to do a job she truly loves.


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