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Lucinda at

Says: At just 16 years old, Spirit spoke to me to help me navigate my life and to assist others to do the same. I will happily make predictions for you and help you to overcome your obstacles to achieve a happier and more empowered life.

Charges:  $4.99
Speaks:  Fluent native English
Reads By:  Telephone

Doreen Virtue Angel Card Reader, Spiritual Emotional Healer, Dream Analyst and Interpreter, Teacher in the Law of Attraction, Spiritual Life Coach, Guide Numerologist, Rune Caster, Clairvoyant.


Lucinda's grandmother was from Romany travellers and it is from her that Lucinda believes she inherited the gift of insight. Even from the young age of five years Lucinda instinctively knew when something would happen from changing classes at school to being invited to a wedding As time went by however Lucinda's psychic gifts really did start to show themselves but as there appeared to be no real logical explanation for her receiving the information that she did Lucinda put this down to coincidence. As the coincidences kept happening however Lucinda began to realize that she really did have psychic abilities which could be used to help both herself and others lead happier and more fulfilled lives. Today Lucinda is a fully trained Doreen Virtue Angel Card Reader Dream Analyst Spiritual Life Coach Empath and teacher in The Law of Attraction. Lucinda is also an active member of Beyond Freedom Evolution an online training program that encourages educates and motivates people to live the fullest and most abundant lives possible by becoming the best version of themselves. Lucinda has been a practising psychic for over 14 years and is a true expert on business growth professional and personal relationships spiritual growth and anything related to spirituality and well-being. Furthermore as Lucinda believes that learning never stops she is now undergoing a course in Mindfulness and in time hopes to pass on her knowledge of this subject to her clients. However what Lucinda really loves to do is help people solve their problems. She firmly believes that while it is always good to predict a happy future sometimes people just need to get help right now and it is here where her empathic nature spiritual guidance and life coaching abilities really come into play Lucinda has learned over the years that it is possible to influence the future and can advise therefore where necessary on how to use the Law of Attraction to create your life by design.


Lucinda has been happily working in the psychic industry for over 14 years but has been naturally clairvoyant for well over four decades. To Lucinda her work is not just a job but her true passion and calling in life. Lucinda's readings have helped people all over the globe to live better lives and her spiritual guidance assists them in overcoming life challenges gaining a sense of direction and thus become empowered and knowledgeable enough to shape their destinies. Indeed her readings have helped all kinds of people from all walks of life including actresses psychologists fashion designers entrepreneurs homemakers students and those seeking employment. Lucinda can give readings using many different tools but prefers that the client chooses whatever form of divination they feel most comfortable with thus allowing her to connect with the client and offer the best advice and guidance. One of Lucinda's favourite subjects is Dream Analysis. Indeed dreams can sometimes be so confusing and symbolic it can be hard to understand what they mean. However Lucinda delights in taking a deep look at what the spirit world is endeavoring to say to her clients during their dream time thus giving them clarity understanding and awareness of what Spirit needs them to know. Lucinda's life has been truly tough what with a challenging childhood both of her sisters passing away at a relatively young age and her son Jonathan being born three months prematurely. Jonathan has since been diagnosed with both Autism ADHD and OCD. Nevertheless Lucinda insists that the same experiences have given her the strength to share with others to help them lead more empowered lives.


Lucinda is a typical Taurean woman who values creature comforts. She lives with Charlie her husband and Jonathan her son who enjoys attending college in his home town in North Yorkshire England. Lucinda enjoys going to the gym walking along the beautiful and rambling cliffs near where she lives and listening to music from the 50s and 60s. She is also very much into psychology personal development parapsychology and of course spirituality Lucinda considers herself blessed to have such a loving family and to be able to do the job she loves while helping others.


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