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Lucinda at

Says: Feeling alone, confused and/or just need answers? I can lead you through the darkness, into the light and onto the right path, based on your particular set of circumstances. Every step of the way, it is my happiness to personally guide you.

Charges:  $3.99
Speaks:  Fluent English
Reads By:  Telephone, Video Chat

Clairvoyant, Spiritual Empath, Oracle Card Reader, Spiritual Life Coach, Angel Card Reader, Emotional Healer, Dream Interpretation, Rune Casting, Numerology.


At the tender age of sixteen, Spirit first came to Lucinda, providing her with specific details of forthcoming events, such as engagements and marriages. She even foretold her own sister's marriage on the very night she first met her man! She has also accurately predicted the ending of relationships as well as work opportunities, not only for herself, but for others. For the last thirty-nine years, Spirit has remained with her to help and advise her on her path, directing her to the best course of action for her spiritual development. Early on, she admits, she dismissed some of the information that came through as being purely coincidental. However, as time went by, it became more and more apparent, due to the specifics her guides provided, that the information she received was not pure coincidence, but coming from a much higher source.

Lucinda's late sister, Janet, was one of her greatest mentors. She strongly encouraged her to develop her psychic skills via The Doreen Virtue Angel Cards which, incidentally, she still uses today. Lucinda has studied the symbols and has mastered how to best apply them to readings. An equally important mentor was her late sister Sheila, who encouraged her to pursue spiritual life coaching. Sheila was such a people-person, herself, she always liked to bring out the best in others. Aside from family assistance, Lucinda has, over the years, closely studied and educated herself in various ways of predicting the future. This includes the fascinating subject of Numerology, Dream Analysis, Angel Oracles, and the list goes on! Her best teachers, however, have actually been her clients. It's the satisfaction she gives them that has really kept her motivated to educate herself in order to pass on her wisdom to others. Her guides have always taught her that learning is a lifelong process that must be kept up in order to help both herself as well as her fellow man. She understands the complexities of living in a practical world and has been instructed not to be afraid of adopting a practical approach when examining a client's issues and problems.

Lucinda is a member of AMORC, a fascinating body which assists not only in learning psychic skills, but with also helping an individual to expand their personal development in order to lead a more fulfilling life. She's also a member of Beyond Freedom Evolution, an online training program which provides unlimited inspiration, education and personal support. Though Lucinda has always worked on her own personal development, she's had to face many personal difficulties in life. Her son was born three months prematurely with ADHD and autism, and her two sisters died at a relatively early age. These challenging experiences were an education outside of the classroom--particularly where coping, adapting and becoming stronger are concerned. She realizes, however, had she not had these obstacles to face, she probably would not be the Empath she is today, when it comes to helping others deal with their problems. In short, it's her belief that one has to go through a particular set of circumstances in order to truly understand others and guide them accurately. Without any regrets, she's taken on all of these personal experiences and spiritual education to further her growth and better help those in need. Sincerely, helping others is her true passion in life, as well as her calling.


Lucinda has happily worked in the psychic field, on a professional basis, for more than eight years now, though she has been actively using her gifts for thirty-nine. She bravely decided to give up her very secure--yet incredibly boring--job as a solicitor's secretary, back in 2007, and follow her true passion in life. Guiding and helping others through the tools of prediction was not something her family approved of initially. Since her bold decision and subsequent transition, she's worked with people from all nationalities and various backgrounds, including: the rich and the poor, the famous and the non-famous, film directors, news readers, politicians, moms, dads, the employed and the unemployed. Essentially, she's read for anyone and everyone from all around the globe and over the age of eighteen who needed her help. It matters to Lucinda, not one wit, about a person's background, but rather HOW her experience can help someone, especially where their immediate circumstances and long-term futures were concerned. Irrespective of the many divining tools she's utilized over the years--be they Angel Cards, runes etc.--she always allows the client to choose what forecasting method they would best prefer. First and foremost, they need to be comfortable so she may make a good connection and provide the best reading possible for the client. She believes in clarity, sensitivity and honesty, in whatever messages she receives, which has always proven to be the best policy. Over the years, she's found out just how much her clients appreciate this philosophy.

One of the most exciting subjects Lucinda has ever studied is the art of manifestation via The Law of Attraction. She has trained under the direction of her guides for some thirty-five years now and knows the importance of conveying to the client that the future is not simply predictable but influential and therefore complex. She's found the majority of her clients have been empowered by this truth. Experience has taught Lucinda to observe where a person stands at a particular point in time, see what's coming in their direction, and to advise them accordingly on how they could get from where they are presently to where they want to be by attracting what they desire and deserve. Over the last eight years or more of working actively in this business, Lucinda feels she has not only developed a natural empathy for others, but at the same time, she is able to clarify to a client precisely why something has or is happening. Clarity is, indeed, most important to an individual. So, should a situation appear to be particularly complex, she'll call on her guides to provide their spiritual interpretation and this, in turn, enables the client to be armed with the particulars on a person or situation that they were not clear on prior to contacting her. As Lucinda's skills over the years began to develop, she found Spirit additionally connecting with her via her dreams and she decided to study and explore this fascinating subject. Subsequently, for the last seven years, dream analysis has become an important part of her service. Should a client have a dream that is bothering them, in any shape or form, or if they'd simply like to know what it represents, she'll be happy to decipher its meaning. Lucinda always stays current and relevant in her metaphysical field. Her spiritual training and development is an ongoing process and it continues....


It can be said Lucinda is a typical Taurean, loving her creature comforts and she has a strong need for security. And, yes she can, on occasion, display a little bit of a bad temper--or so her husband tells her! Despite this, she lives quite happily with her lovely husband Charlie--a retired Civil Engineer--and their gorgeous son Jonathan, age twelve, whom she affectionately refers to as my little shock, whom she conceived at the ripe age of forty-two! Lucinda resides in a beautiful village in North Yorkshire, England, close to the sea where the views are spectacular. In their garden pond you can find Jonathan's pets: Sharky, Jaws and Bones, who are, incidentally, goldfish! Hobbies include: writing a health and fitness blog, walking, physical fitness, a diverse taste in music, reading (non-fiction), social media and socializing with family every chance she gets. Lucinda feels very blessed in her work and family life.


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