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Lyndsey at

Says: An Empathic Intuitive, I know exactly how you feel and can help you overcome the struggles and anxieties consuming your life. You will receive clear answers straight from the Source with the help of numerology, astrology and messages from my guides.

Charges:  $3.99
Speaks:  English
Reads By:  Telephone, Video Chat

Empathic Clairsentient, Claircognizant, Numerology, Astrology, Medium, Intuitive, Automatic Writing, Pet Sensitive.


From an early age, Lyndsey sensed Spirits around her and was extremely afraid of the dark. As a child she knew little about the ethereal realm and felt relieved these otherworldly experiences didn't occur in every home she visited. Lyndsey was the black sheep of the family, raised by those who did not embrace her natural Intuitive abilities. Her talents flowed from her father's side. His grandmother was known to predict the deaths of loved ones and could often foresee events. Lyndsey always sensed the emotions and stress of her parents, and knew how events were going to unfold. She was drawn to the psychic world at a very young age, but it wasn't until she was thirteen and was suffering horribly from anxiety that her gifts really started to come to the fore. At that time, her beloved Pop Pop (grandfather) passed away and called on her frequently from the other side. This was the first time she'd experienced actual Spirit visitations and it would not be her last time either!

Lindsey had many premonitions, predicting the death of family members only to have them visit her beyond the grave. She's had many psychic dreams, as well, and has watched them manifest exactly as she saw them. Growing up with great sensitivity caused her to suffer from depression. It wasn't easy being a sponge for the emotions of others, and it took a very big toll on her. Depression and anxiety frequently knocked on Lyndsey's door, causing her to dig deeper within her spiritual self. In doing so, she became closer to the God Source within. This caused her gifts to become heightened, though she still remained unsure about them. Steady encouragement from friends and clients helped her to grow confident in her abilities. They persuaded Lyndsey to fully embrace the gifts her family did not approve of, and in doing so, she become a conduit for helping others.


Lyndsey became fascinated with astrological archetypes and the symbolism in numbers, immersing herself in the mystical science of numerology and astrology. For seven years, she has incorporated these disciplines into her Intuitive practice, adding additional layers of insight to her readings. She began at thirteen, reading for friends and then friends of friends, and as word of her accuracy spread, she branched out to the public. By nineteen, she had built a name for herself with repeat customers calling on her regularly. Lyndsey soon discovered she also possessed a unique gift for connecting with pets and finds them popping up in readings from time to time.

She's worked in holistic stores and home health aide, but is most at home with her Psychic Counseling practice, feeling it to be her calling. Without the support of her family, she struggled to embrace her natural gifts, but eventually became empowered by the changes she helped to make in others through her Psychic Counseling. Her struggles early on helped her to define the woman she is today. Often one finds it is the wounded healer who becomes the very best healer of all!

Over the years, Lyndsey has participated in many spiritual seminars and enhancement classes, always looking to connect with other light workers. Three years ago, she began working with medicine cards, finding them useful for medical and emotional blockages. She's also spot-on predicting pregnancy and the gender of an unborn child, and has accurately foretold friends' pregnancies—as well as her own! Her ultra sound technician desperately wanted to prove her wrong, but Lyndsey felt her baby boy from deep within and was, of course, right!


A Psychic Scorpio with a mystical 7 life path in numerology, Lyndsey is a very intense, passionate, and spiritual Intuitive. Currently she resides on the East Coast, but would love to move to a more tropical climate. At home, she delights in raising her young boy, full of energy and light. He is her little silly goose, and an artistic spirit. Lyndsey is fond of the beach, reading, meditation, cooking, gardening, nature, and has a strong connection with animals. One day she hopes to bring more awareness regarding laws to protect and help our furry friends.


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