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Mountain Sage at

Says: Do you have burning questions? Mountain Sage, with 32 years of experience, follows the path of her lineage in the footsteps of her grandfather, Sequoia, former medicine man and Chief of the Cherokee Nation. Get the in-depth answers you are seeking!

Charges:  $5.60
Speaks:  English
Reads By:  Telephone

Telepathic Channel, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Empath, Healer, Medium, Love and Relationships, Life Path, Past Lives, Pet Connections, Spirituality, Prosperity and Career.


Mountain Sage is the student of an exalted Gurugi in Bombay and Shaman of the Fireheart Sweat Lodge in Santa Fe. She blends mystical understanding with practical application, and her art is connecting with the Divine. She first noticed her gift as a very young child and thought that everyone experienced the world the same way. She understood linking, early on, opening up one's mind to another's energy, a gift that came naturally to her. When she began to realize that she was "different," she was encouraged by her immediate family to explore her gifts. This pursuit has taken her all over the earth and has included sojourns in Greece, India, Borneo and Kuala Lumpur. She is currently honored to be a formal student of metaphysical academics--in the Native American Indian tradition--from private teachers that are close to ascended mastery. She is a Telepathic Channel, Clairvoyant, Healer and Medium, who specializes in love and relationship, life path, past lives, pet connections, spirituality, prosperity and career. All of these amazing gifts were handed down from an incredible ancestry, including her legendary grandfather, Sequoia, a former Medicine Man and Chief of the Cherokee Nation. With such an astounding family legacy, Mountain Sage couldn’t help but become a superstar in her own right.


For thirty-six years, Mountain Sage has been providing her much sought after insight, coaching and spiritual counseling to clients locally, as well as internationally. Many other psychics, spiritual counselors and healers, professionals, celebrities and individuals, of all backgrounds, have relied on her gifts to find their way through muddled times. Though I'm sure you'd be interested to know the high profile clients and celebrities she's counseled, Mountain Sage is a highly ethical practitioner who believes in confidentiality. In fact, she makes it her mission to protect a client's privacy, at all costs. When providing a reading, she does not utilize any other focus tools, other than her pendulum. If you’ve ever tried one, you’d be quick to learn that the pendulum is a device not easily mastered. Mountain Sage calls upon her powerful Guide to assist with her clients' needs. She’s been formally trained to work with all seven levels, including: the spiritual, the soul and the essence levels. To provide her accurate, detailed readings, she uses all her senses. Abilities include: Clairvoyance (seeing), Clairaudience (hearing), Clairsentience (smelling), Empathy (feeling), etc. She answers all questions she receives in an in-depth manner, relaying meaning to her clients that can often be life transforming.


Mountain Sage was born under a Libra Sun and a Libra Moon, and is therefore a double Libra who loves all forms of beauty, including: the arts, a lovely flower or tree, a wondrous sunrise/sunset, etc. Librans also make the best counselors, as they are social creatures who understand people and always strive to be ethical, fair and balanced. Having a double dose of a cardinal air sign makes her active, hunting for wisdom and ideas she can easily share with others. Though she has counseled many celebrities and high profile people, whom she could easily boast about, Mountain Sage will go to great lengths to protect the privacy of each and every one of her clients, understanding the sacred trust that exists between them. Living happily in the magical mountains, she soaks up the spiritual energy that is all around her. She shares her space with her four-legged furry daughter, Elizabeth, in the foothills of the Rockies, in northern New Mexico. It’s a setting that provides not only constant eye candy, but also food for the soul that never stops nourishing! Wildlife abounds, and it’s not unusual for Mountain Sage to spot a bear, raccoon, red fox, deer and beautifully plumed birds strolling about. She finds the hummingbirds, especially, delightful.


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