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Mystic Carli at

Says: Soul mate? Cheating Issues? Marriage? Children? Career? Finance? Dreams? Lifes questions can be very difficult. I have the answers you need and can guide you on your special pathway in life. Call me,you will not be disappointed!!!

Charges:  $5.49
Speaks:  English
Reads By:  Telephone

Psychic Readings, Channeling, Spirituality, Dream Interpretations, Love and Relationships, Career & Finance, Children and Pet Psychic, Understanding Strange Behaviors, Past, Present and Future Lives.


Mystic Carli was gifted with psychic senses from the time she was born and has used her abilities to help guide people throughout her life. Co-workers, friends, and family would always came for advice, marveling at her capacity to make highly accurate predictions. She’s had the opportunity to provide life-changing psychic readings to thousands of people, gathering many friends along the way who’ve become devoted repeat customers. Mystic Carli is a college graduate with a background in Early Childhood Education and Psychology. After being asked so many times, throughout the years, if she was psychic, she realized it was time to share her psychic senses with others to help as many as she could with her gifts. She’ll do her best to leave you with positive energy, but feels it’s important to remember that sometimes we do need to hear what we don't wish to be told. Her readings are honest and direct, and she’s sensitive to the difficulties one must face in hearing a truth that can sometimes be unpleasant. This talented and compassionate psychic is able to help you through difficult times, while focusing on the positive side of each and every situation. She can assist you with troubling decisions, relationships, and answer all your questions with helpful details and accuracy.


Over the past twenty-five years, Mystic Carli has worked in many different areas as a Personal Psychic Advisor. She began her career by giving private readings in her home and then progressed to working as a Personal Psychic Telephone Operator. Since 2001, she has enjoyed working online as a Psychic Advisor on various websites. Her vast experience includes readings for people from all walks of life, including: students, unemployed individuals, teachers, lawyers, police officers, etc. She possesses the qualities of a kind, caring, and compassionate individual with sensitivity and empathy for the needs of others. Over the years, there are thousands of clients she has been happy to help, and she looks forward to assisting thousands more over the many years to come. She’s able to provide accurate information in all areas of life, including but not limited to: love, romance, career, finance, education, family relationships, child and pet psychic readings, and dream interpretations. If you're lonely and just need to talk to someone who can understand you, Mystic Carli is a good listener and never judges anyone. She especially loves to make new friends and talk to new members. Her wish is to continue to be afforded the opportunity to share her remarkable psychic abilities with diverse people from around the world.


Mystic Carli is true to her astrological sign of Libra, seeking harmony and balance in her own life, while also helping others to attain peace of mind and spiritual information. Libra has the amazing ability to see both sides and to act as the bridge that brings them together. She lives in Ontario, Canada, with her two wonderful sons and their Doberman dog. Mystic Carli is one busy lady, indeed, splitting her time between two very fulfilling jobs that call for the services of a special kind of person. She works full-time with special needs children in a primary school, and she is also a sought after psychic with a world-wide client base. Somehow she manages to juggle both jobs beautifully. This motivated and productive lady enjoys her life and makes time for all the things that nourish her soul. In her spare time, she’s with her family, and enjoys long walks with the family dog. She also likes to travel, making time for boating and cruising excursions. Additionally, she enjoys visiting friends, and she knows her way around a kitchen, often cooking and baking scrumptious delights. But no matter how busy she is, Mystic Carli always makes herself available to help others whenever possible. A social creature, she loves talking to people and is honored to help guide them on their correct path in life.


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