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Nonna at

Says: Accurate and compassionate, clients have stayed with me for 28 years. I specialize in soul examinations, psychic predictions, identifying karma, and psychological advice. Through this process, emerges the sparkle of the gem, a tenfold treasure of the soul.

Charges:  $3.99
Speaks:  English
Reads By:  Telephone

Clairvoyant, Intuitive, Mediumship, Numerology, Oracle Card Readings, Pendulum.


Nonna's personal, spiritual cultivation includes thirty-seven years of study and work with old-time metaphysicians, Native American Medicine Men and Women, a Taoist channel who teaches energy work and readings, the study of numerology life charts, and encounters with numerous other teachers over the years. As she continues to grow with her practice, her vast array of experiences and disciplines allow her to address, include, and integrate the spiritual beliefs and world outlook of each individual, as well as, provide new contextual frameworks to view life's challenges, identify gifts, and pursue personal dreams.

In addition to working as a "reader" for the last twenty-five years, Nonna has taught psychology (and many other courses) as a college professor, since 1995, and has earned a PhD in Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicines. In addition to her studies in the spiritual arts, Nonna has numerous years of study and practice with classic psychological therapeutic models, family work, twelve-step processes, nutritional and body/mind/spirit healing, complementary, alternative, and quantum medicine.

She believes that teachers are here not to tell us what we already know, but to reveal those parts of ourselves we have not yet explored. We are all undiscovered jewels, and in the process of uncovering our internal sparkle, one may experience internal conflicts, stuck patterns, and may find it difficult to differentiate karma from bad decisions. Nonna specializes in sorting out these elements using a combination of soul examination via her psychic skills and offering sound psychological tools to move through challenges and improve one's life and manage one's karma. Through this process, emerges the sparkle of the gem, a tenfold treasure of the soul.


In 1987, Nonna began her career, after her friends and teacher announced (to her as well as others) that she had a talent. Her clients come from around the world, and include psychics, remote healers, and published authors. All arrive by word of mouth and most have stayed with her for a decade, while others have been with her since the beginning of her practice. Nonna enjoys giving to her community and has volunteered her services at psychic fairs for fundraisers and charity events. Her readings are done in person, via phone, and email. She also works locally, providing energy work for both humans and animals, focusing on physical as well as spiritual issues. She has worked on energy blocks and entity removal, providing much needed relief for her clients. She also incorporates her extensive knowledge of flower remedies, nutrition, herbs and homeopathy in her psychic work. Nonna created and taught a course in Healing and Spiritual Arts for Pacifica Graduate School, while privately, she has taught meditation, psychic development, and energy work in groups and individual settings.


Nonna lives in Southern California, with her two Arabian mares, two dogs (from the pound) and her cat (who thinks he is a dog). She spends her free time riding and camping with the horses and dogs, occasionally going on endurance rides (50 miles a day) with her horses. In Vedic Astrology, she is Scorpio/Cancer rising/moon in Pisces. In Western Astrology (not sidereal) she is Sagittarius, 1 degree into Leo Rising, and 28 degrees moon in Ares.


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