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Paula at

Says: As a world-renowned Cosmic Therapist and founder of MODE, I can deeply tap into your energy, unearth romantic involvements and answer all your burning questions. YOU carry the blueprint of a unique destiny. Unlock that treasure today.

Charges:  $4.99
Speaks:  English
Reads By:  Telephone, Video Chat

Cosmic Therapy Assessment, Astrology Forecast, Numerology Delineation, Psychic Reading, Channeling Sessions, Tarot Guidance, Dream Analysis, Energy Profile, Spiritual Advisor.


Paula was eight when she discovered her ability to read minds, picking up on the thoughts and experiences of others. She thought everybody could do it, but soon learned this was NOT the case. Her mother tried to discourage her from reading people, but Paula’s talent and desire to serve was not a flame to be easily extinguished. At sixteen, she was already an avid psychic reader, a novice astrologer, and a dream interpreter. She found she could guide and direct people on their life paths by connecting with hidden talents and abilities that lay dormant or repressed as unrecognizable potential. She’d then uncover and present to clients the buried treasure of gifts they had to offer. Paula continued her research and applied her abilities to thousands of individuals, honing her skills and her craft by becoming a valued counselor to others, focusing particularly in the area of relationships. For the next ten years, she found the results to be not only life-changing for others but personally rewarding. At twenty-six, she opened and operated her first metaphysical bookstore called Quantum Leap, and earned a B.S. in Media Communication and an M. A. in Art Education. Paula's schooling would soon be applied to social media and television, where she could reach greater audiences and affect more lives.


In 1983, Paula founded and directed MODE (Masters of Divine Essence) of Cosmic Therapy Research Center, publishing numerous books, songs and plays. She’s offered many workshops and courses, and has conducted invigorating seminars throughout the Southeast. Bringing her talents to television, she created, hosted and directed The MODE of Cosmic Therapy Interactive Television Show, which ran for ten years on WRTN in Raleigh, North Carolina. Paula is also a professionally recognized artist, conducting numerous installations throughout the U. S. Her social media presence simply continues to amaze! With massive followers that keep growing on Instagram and Facebook, she’s produced over 400 YouTube videos. Additionally, she enjoys a strong presence on music video sites—such as Sound Clicks, which hosts fifty of her original songs that she sang and musically produced herself! Paula is a creative, empathetic, spiritual artist who can paint the vibration of souls seated beside her. If you're interested in seeing samples of her work, you can find some of her paintings at: Fine Art America. Every mortal possesses latent talent, along with the innate desire to connect, communicate, and express their divine gifts. It’s Paula's divine mission to uncover for others their storehouse of sublime artistic wealth.


Paula resides in North Carolina. In addition to her numerous metaphysical pursuits and artistic talents, she is also a talented astrological practitioner, born with a powerful psychic blueprint. She has a 29.53 degree Cancer Sun (known as a potent critical degree), with Scorpio (a highly psychic sign) rising at 21.09 degrees. Her sun and rising signs form a beautiful and highly intuitive trine, creating a psychic flow that enhances her entire life and provides great power and ease with regard to tapping into the energies of others. Her Leo moon, located amid a stellium of five Leo planets, is positioned in her ninth house of higher learning and exploration, a house that also happens to be the ancient home for astrologers and dream interpreters! This also explains her love of higher learning, and why she soaks up greater wisdom and knowledge like a sponge! By her own admission, she loves to learn and apply new things every day. A Dragon--according to Chinese Astrology—Paula possesses a ONE destiny, as assigned in Numerology. She has been married for forty-nine years and has birthed six children. In turn, they have brought her seventeen grandchildren and three great-grandchildren! But let’s not leave out another important family member, her beloved eight-year-old, toy, chocolate poodle named Gilbert.


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