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Psychic Isabella at

Says: I will amaze you today & transform your tomorrow. A highly gifted, clairvoyant psychic, healer and Medium, guided by the same teacher who instructed John Edward, I will accurately predict events and provide in-depth readings in all areas.

Charges:  $5.99
Speaks:  English
Reads By:  Telephone, Video Chat

Psychic Readings, Reiki Master Healer, Tarot Readings, Chakra Analysis, Crystal Healings, Energy Analysis, Spiritual Counseling.


While most seven year old girls were exploring their basic reading, writing and arithmetic skills, Isabella was discovering abilities that were far from normal. Her sixth sense had come alive, and she was seeing and feeling things that would happen ahead of time. It's difficult enough for an adult to cope with such strange, otherworldly happenings, so how was a little girl expected to handle events that were downright frightening? She had no clue why or how this was happening to her, and it would take many years of study and training to manage and perfect these gifts. Her family was very skeptical and dismissive of her talents, at first. But, as the proof of her psychic abilities became clear to them, they eventually lent their support , believing her gifts to be a blessing from God. Precognition, healing, reading auras, astrology, numerology, performing psychic and spiritual readings, Feng Shui, and tarot reading were some of the many tools she mastered. She's traveled the world, learning from renowned spiritualists and healers, and she even trained with a very special teacher and astrologer who mentored the famous Medium, John Edward.


She's a truly gifted and authentic clairvoyant with twelve years of experience, transforming the lives of thousands of clients. She utilizes a broad range of gifts to answer questions on matters of love, relationships, finances, career, spiritual growth, and just about any other area of concern. She has provided needed guidance, and shown her clients the way to happiness, fulfillment and success. For four years, she's owned and managed her own metaphysical shop for that personal one-on-one touch. However, she has just as easily connected with clients on-line and via phone for readings that have been described as honest, compassionate, amazingly accurate, and life-transforming. As a fourth generation psychic and Medium, she's shared her extraordinary gifts with others since early childhood. Her patience and attention to detail is nothing short of outstanding, and clients greatly appreciate the honesty and clarity she provides in a reading. Whether it's a friend, family member or client, Isabella serves all equally, and truly cares about each and every person who graces her doorstep.


She's a fun loving, social Gemini who lives in Florida with two puppies named Monyou and Cubby, a Pomeranian, and a Chiuahua. These furry friends are her life! Not married, she enjoys her single life, and the sense of independence it provides. In her spare time, she enjoys the beach, fishing, gardening, and pretty much anything fun that is under the sun. She has a great fondness for nature that includes a love of plants and flowers. In her backyard, she has a huge garden that helps her to get in touch with her inner spirit. She also loves animals, and is able to pick up on their energy. An artistic person, she enjoys painting and music, and can play piano and guitar. She is also a writer of music and poetry. A great humanitarian, she loves to talk with others and use her gifts to help people sort out their problems. It is, in fact, her nature to always put other's needs over her own, and it is this selfless dedication, coupled with her incomparable gifts, that make her so sought after in the psychic community,


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