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Raiden at

Says: As a gifted Psychic Medium, I provide clarity for those in need of answers and closure. I instantly connect with your energies through the sound of your voice, and offer Spirit-inspired guidance to move you towards the best possible outcome.

Charges:  $3.99
Speaks:  Enlgish
Reads By:  Telephone, Video Chat

Mediumship, Psychic-Medium, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Spirit Messages, Empathic, Career and Business, Love and Relationships.


Raiden noticed his special gifts at a very young age--around age 12. His gifts originated from his grandma, who gave readings to police officers on cold cases. Whenever there was a family incident, or when things began to change around him, Raiden's gifts often came to the forefront. At school, he used to make eerily accurate predictions on tests. At the time, he chalked it up to luck, nothing more. But as these incidents began to tally, he sought out readings and mediumship mentors for guidance and answers. He'd been informed by experts that he was gifted, but Raiden was in no position to fully take in what that meant. It wasn't until his late 20's that he started to embrace his talents. Spirit was very definitely knocking on his door and he knew that it was time to step forward. He's since researched the many modalities of readings he could offer his clients, and discovered that Mediumship was the most popular. It was also the most sacred sight that had to be used purely for the betterment of others. As he delved deeper into the art, he realized what a privilege it actually was to help those in need. The validations, energy structures, and spirit that steps forward needed to be protected. The practice can be draining at times, but Raiden has managed to obtain the proper balance he's needed.


For many years, Raiden has been providing his special cross-over mediumship to others, a list that includes a large host of A-List clients. He's embraced the digital way of readings, moving on with the times in order to provide long-term, remote and email readings that are equally accurate in answering questions in a clear and concise manner. As so many digital communication choices have arrived in our culture, it's now easier to communicate with people--from all over the globe--in need of help and insight. Raiden has managed his own boutique practice, where he has provided his readings globally. He's maintained a steady presence on various websites, but has focused particularly on the new social media side of things. Clients have included numerous high profile people, including movie stars, Oscar nominees, celebrity chefs, and international sports icons from the rugby world. From his South African base, Raiden caters to a diversity of people, which has played a big role in his practice. In the business sector, clients include acclaimed writers, leading business coaches and politicians from other countries. There are tech companies that seek guidance on how, when, where and what will be the next thing. It is a real pleasure for him to help others grow and succeed over time. Each person has a story to tell. And for that reason, his Mediumship is a gift that must be honored, protected and respected at all costs.


Raiden is an Intuitive Scorpio—the perfect sign for a Medium delivering Spirit messages from those who have passed. He lives in South Africa and has been blessed to have traveled and worked all over the world in the luxury market, working for film stars, and providing readings at hotel openings and for corporate titans. He loves to learn about diverse cultures, embracing new skills and adventures. One of his favorite movies is Eat Pray Love and The Holiday. He enjoys a passion for food as well! There is nothing like having a home cooked meal, sharing it with best friends that are like family. He's been blessed to work with top mentors from around the globe. Though his Mediumship work is quite draining, he has worked out ways to restore his energetic balance. Charity plays a big part of his life and being in the position to give back and help those in need, truly nourishes his soul. Each year he participates in a charity polo event that raises awareness and much-needed money. Raiden is always looking to broaden his knowledge beyond his own African borders and expand his global footprint by learning new skills. It's a real pleasure for him to have lived out his dream and to be allowed the privilege to continue doing what he does.


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