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Randy at

Says: A straight forward Clairvoyant, empathic psychic, who guides you using my guides and the help of my lady now in Heaven Sarrah. Since 2000 I have helped people find there path or solutions. Through symbols, visuals and Sarrahs kind hand to help guide you.

Charges:  $3.99
Speaks:  English
Reads By:  Telephone, Video Chat

Clairvoyant, Empath, Psychometry, Psychic, Medium, Remote Viewer, Energy Work


In 2000, after a traumatic event in his life, Randy became abruptly aware of the extent of his gifts. Since 10, he'd known he was different, but the how and why scared him. Randy lost two of the most important people in his life in less than 24 hours, an event not to be wished on anyone; he naturally felt scared and confused. Through a chat program a friend introduced him to, he listened to discussions and readings and began to see things in his head that didn't make sense. Questions were answered by soaking up info at the library and on the internet, and he began practicing various meditations and exercises to expand his abilities. Several mentors taught him to open up and fine-tune his powers. The more he studied, the more he wanted to learn. Later, he read locally for friends and their friends, while asking for feedback--the Virgo in him to better gauge his abilities. After much encouragement, he began to read at regional psychic fairs and at expos. In Australia, he was introduced to various aspects that better helped him to harness his gifts. He then moved to Seattle, working professionally for Psychic Web, and he gave readings on the radio, at psychic meeting groups, fairs, and expos.


Randy began publicly using his gifts in 2000 in an online chat program. He'd successfully mastered the art of communicating to clients the information he was receiving, allowing them to connect in ways that were helpful to their lives. His talents took him to local renaissance and small psychic fairs, and then onto regional psychic fairs, as he progressed in his practice. He later moved to Seattle, Washington, eventually becoming a regular within local psychic group gatherings and at weekend psychic and regional fairs. He made several appearances on local radio, as well. He's worked professionally online, since 2002, and has lent his gifts to local police and sheriff's departments in North Alabama and Seattle. Randy has used his knowledge and experience to mentor others, which has pushed his own growth as a teacher, while also expanding his gifts. His experience in remote viewing really catapulted him to a higher level, clarifying what he was seeing and how he described his images to his clients. Randy has assisted in finding lost items, children and relatives from requests made by individual clients, family or law enforcement.


One of four children, born in upper Louisiana, Randy was born blind in his left eye and deaf in his left ear. He loves to read history and metaphysical books, and appreciates a good debate; the only way to really get to know someone! He is actually quite shy, until he gets to know someone, then you have a problem shutting him up! lol. Playing guitar is a real passion. His teacher, Mr. Lyndon Smith, performed in the stage band at the Grand Ole Opry. A fan of Elvis and the outlaw country of the 70's, Randy plays for his own entertainment. He also enjoys canoeing, hiking, camping and browsing through old furniture and thrift stores. Surviving his own lessons in cooking, he managed to make a mean buttermilk biscuit! Once employed at a truck stop in North Dakota, he made 300 biscuits and sold them to raise money for The Children's Miracle Network selling out in 3 hours!!! A University of Alabama graduate, with a physical education/sports medicine degree, he had an illustrious career in Sports Medicine, in the clinical setting, and as head trainer for a junior college, and high school. He used his physical education degree as a teacher and coach and has a one season record of 13-3 as a basketball coach.


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