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Rishi at

Says: Have you ever wondered what people you love are thinking and feeling? What about their past? As an Empath, Claircognizant, I can tell you! With 20 plus years of Coaching and Energy Reading, I can help you achieve your dream relationships!

Charges:  $4.99
Speaks:  English
Reads By:  Telephone, Video Chat

Empath, Intuitive, Claircognizant, Life/Love Coach, Chakra Coach, Pet Psychic, Oracle Reader, Certified Meditation Teacher, Selective Mediumship, Guided Meditation, Energy Readings, Vedic Counseling, Relationship Coaching.


Rishi was born an Empath/Claircognizant and thought everyone else could receive messages too. She used to divulge personal secrets to neighbors, spilling truths that often landed her in a heap of trouble! She could also see Spirits, but felt it best to keep that to herself. By her early 20's, she realized how unique her abilities were, which was a real eye-opener for Rishi, launching her into a new state of awareness. She studied World Religions and Human Development, receiving a Child Development Associates Degree at 25. Additionally, she holds certifications in Meditation Training, Transformational and Kundalini Meditation, Pranayama and Gentle Yoga. She also mastered the Energy Body, in depth, and can assist in Chakra Balancing. Currently, she is completing a Bachelor's Degree in Metaphysics and Spiritual Counseling and will earn a PhD in Metaphysical Sciences and Spiritual Counseling. Rishi has trained with several Psychics, Intuitives, Mediums and even a Dark Fairy Witch. “You can never have enough knowledge,” she says. Rishi's four Spirit Guides help her hone in on various topics quickly to help clients reach goals, find solutions, and fulfill their purpose.


Around 1992, in her early 20's, Rishi gave readings called The Spiritual Gift of Discernment at her church, and additionally read for family and friends. In 2002, she worked on various psychic phone lines. In 2015-16, she actually lost her abilities for an entire year, due to a medication she was on. Thankfully, her abilities returned and they came back stronger than ever! Ever since, Rishi has been reading privately, at psychic parties, and via Video Chat. She's read for politicians, doctors, lawyers, two crew members on the hit show, CSI, and for a world renowned composer. Many clients have steadfastly hitched their wagon to Rishi for readings, and she has other clients she coaches weekly. More recently, she began a Meditation & Mindfulness website for Kids and teens. She's also been a mentor for psychics, helping them hone their skills and build confidence. One budding psychic in the UK began to use her healing abilities after a reading with Rishi, opening her own Spiritual Healing Center. Another, from Australia, had shied away from his abilities due to bullying, but later went on to appear on Psychic Radio Channels and began his own thriving business. As you can tell, Rishi loves paying it forward.


Rishi is a witty, talkative Gemini, indicative of her sun sign. She lives in Virginia with her daughter Rai, a gifted Precognitive, medium and agemstone expert. Basically, she's created Practical Magic mini-Rishis. They share their tiny home with five cats. evil Evelyn Daisy, Moo a Norwegian Forest cat, Nyx a blind mini Tudedo and Kitty Stella. We also share our home with a very healthy bearded dragon named sprocket and a full grown blue jay we rescued as a baby who likes to speak human. When Rishi began reading professionally, her father confessed that he was also an empath/healer. And so are Rishi's sisters, who use their abilities for teaching and veterinary sciences. In her spare time, Rishi reads, meditates, writes in her gratitude journal, daily, and practices yoga. She recently adopted a plant-based diet and is looking forward to unveiling her transformation to perfect health. Rishi can't get enough of Gaia TV, and her guilty pleasure is binge-watching Netflix. She loves to laugh, as you will find out, and you'll marvel at how she lives a simple, fun, but sometimes crazy life.


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