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Rishi at

Says: Have you ever wondered what the people you know and love are thinking and feeling? What about their past? As an Empath Claircognizant, I can tell you! I have 20 plus years of Coaching and Energy Reading. I can help you achieve your dream relationships!

Charges:  $4.80
Speaks:  English
Reads By:  Telephone, Video Chat

Empath, Intuitive, Claircognizant, Life/Love Coach, Chakra Coach, Pet Psychic, Oracle Reader, Certified Meditation Teacher, Selective Mediumship, Guided Meditation, Energy Readings, Vedic Counseling, Relationship Coaching.


Rishi was born an Empath/Claircognizant, her earliest memories of her abilities going back to when she was four years old. She always thought everyone was just as she was, believing it to be natural to receive messages. She used to divulge many secrets about the lives of her neighbors when they came to visit with her parents. She relayed things she never would've been able to know normally. This used to get her in a lot of trouble! Rishi could also see Spirits. But coming from what she knew was a neuro-typical family, she decided it was best to keep what she saw to herself. It wasn't until her early twenties that she began to realize people weren't hiding their abilities, as she was. They just really didn't know what she knew. This was a real eye-opener for Rishi, causing her to embark on a whole new journey of spiritual awareness.

She began to seriously study her gifts and incorporate the study of World Religions and Human Development into her life, receiving a Child Development Associates Degree at age twenty-five. Rishi continues to study and learn every day, having earned herself certifications in Meditation Training, Transformational and Kundalini Meditation, Pranayama and Gentle Yoga. She has also studied the Energy Body, in depth, and she's able to assist in Chakra Balancing.

Currently, she is completing a Bachelors Degree in Metaphysics and Spiritual Counseling and will earn a PhD in Metaphysical Sciences and Spiritual Counseling. She's had the pleasure of training with several Psychics, Intuitives, Mediums and even a Dark Fairy Witch. Her studies have helped her achieve a high level of mastery of the human psyche, and she will continue her studies into the future. “You can never have enough knowledge,” she says. Rishi's four Spirit Guides, who introduced themselves to her, help her to hone in on a myriad of topics very quickly to assist her clients to achieve their goals, find solutions and fulfill their purpose.


In her early twenties, around 1992, Rishi provided readings at her church in what was called The Spiritual Gift of Discernment, and also read for family and friends. In 2002, she began to read for various telephone psychic services, taking a break from 2015 to 2016. During that time, she actually lost her abilities for an entire year, due to a medication she was on. But, thankfully, her abilities returned and they came back even stronger than ever!

Rishi has been reading in-person and at psychic parties since 2004, and via Video Chat for the last five years. She's read for politicians, doctors, lawyers, two crew members of the TV show, CSI, and even for a world renowned Composer. She couldn't begin to count the number of clients she's helped, a large portion of them coming back for more readings! Many have followed her throughout the years, and there are some she coaches weekly. Her most recent endeavor was starting a Meditation & Mindfulness Website for Kids and teens. She's also had the pleasure of mentoring several psychics along the way and has assisted them in honing their skills and in building their confidence. One budding psychic, in the UK, was not using her healing abilities until she had a reading with Rishi. In that reading, she was given the message that her calling was to heal and that knowledge set her on her life path. She first began her healing practice on Facebook and is now opening a Spiritual Healing Center. Rishi's second mentee was a young man in Australia, who was also shying away from his abilities, due to a negative bullying experience he'd had. After Rishi's mentoring, he went on to appear on Psychic Radio Channels with over 800 followers on Facebook, and has moved on to Psychic TV, Fairs, and has his own thriving business. Rishi is very proud that her studies and abilities have allowed her the pleasure of assisting others to tap into their own abilities by accepting their calling, and in-turn paying it forward to others.


A witty, talkative Gemini--very indicative of her sign--Rishi lives in Florida with her two daughters, one who is a gifted Precognitive, and the other a Healer and Shaman. Basically, she's created a miniature Practical Magic spin-off. They share their tiny home with three cats: Max the Magnificent, their aged wise one; Lil Bit, who isn't Lil at all anymore; and or kitten (wild cat) Evelyn; and lest we forget, Daisy, a male feral that visits for breakfast and dinner. They also have Trinket, the blue dumbo rat; Truffles, the giant black escape artist hamster; and, last but not least, a very beautiful bearded dragon, Sprocket, who is her Shaman daughter's shoulder adornment, 24/7. When Rishi started reading professionally, her father confessed to her that he was also an empath/healer. She also has three sisters, two of whom are empathic like Rishi, but they choose to use their skills in the areas of teaching and veterinary sciences. In her spare time, Rishi reads, meditates and writes in her gratitude journal, daily, and she also practices yoga. She has recently adopted a plant based diet. Her clients will get to witness her transformation to perfect health, which will be very exciting for her. Rishi can't get enough of Gaia TV, and her guilty pleasure is binge-watching Netflix. She loves to laugh, as you will find out during your sessions together, and you'll marvel at how she lives a simple, fun and sometimes crazy life.


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