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Runa at

Says: For over 15 years, I have brought to light the answers you cannot see that are already there! Using my Ancient Rune Stones and Guides, I will provide details and deep insight into your situation, offering you clear spiritual advice.

Charges:  $4.99
Speaks:  English, German
Reads By:  Telephone

Intuitive Readings, Rune Readings, Oracle Card Readings, Tarot Readings, Spirit Guide Messages, German Skat Card Readings, Angel Card Readings


Since Runa was a child, she was different from others. She loved to watch people, observe how they act, and she spent lots of time reading and painting. She seemed a quiet person. But what no one knew, including herself, was that she was going through a stage of processing info. Within seconds, she could read the energy of others, similar to a cat, who naturally runs from negative energies to more positive polarities. It took many years before she would embrace her calling to help and guide people through difficult situations. At 20, she read Tarot for friends and family, enjoying much success. But it was a trip to Sweden, in 2001, which changed everything! Not knowing the country, she was asked by a friend to meetup at a very old Coffee house, which she miraculously found without asking directions. She was introduced to old mythology and rune symbols, feeling their power, and she began studying the ancient symbols for many years. Understanding runes was like a science, an open book for answers brought to light. Her 120-year-old "Nile Fortune Oracle Cards" became another tool, along with her faithful Northern Light Guides, who are present at every reading. Runa is well known for her straight-forward honesty and empathy. She is without judgment, as she leads your soul to happiness and fulfilment.


Runa has been reading for clients all over the world for 15+ years now. She began with friends and family. But, as more and more people sought her advice, she decided to open a private reading praxis in Germany. After a few years, she broadened internationally, offering readings in English and German, via phone and on several websites. To date, she's given over 20, 000 readings, for private clients in all walks of life, including many in the corporate world. She employs a compassionate and straight-forward approach that her clients truly love, not to mention her highly accurate readings that keep them coming back for more. In her own praxis, she connects her love for art and spirituality, and works with kids and adults on fearlessly expressing themselves to achieve their dreams. Her education is an ongoing process, to provide the best services for her clients. An accomplished Reiki Master, she's able to generate positive energy throughout her readings, allowing clients to leave their baggage behind them. Her natural ability to connect quickly is quite special, as is her non-judgmental manner. Clients often report they feel relief and a positive outlook for their future. Even if answers aren't what they expect, Runa leads them on a positive path. At the end of the day, it's all about being happy.


A direct and fearless Aries, Runa has a penetrating Scorpio Rising sign, her Moon is in grounded Taurus, and her Venus is in psychic Pisces. She resides in the Middle East part of Germany, with her English husband, and their sweet little cat, "Monster." She grew up in the former GDR, where what was deemed different was really quite different, especially when one had a creative and spiritual soul that caused them to run into walls at times! She's always loved art, and thanks to her beloved art teacher, who provided her with a safe place for Runa to express her creativity, she is now a professional artist with her own studio and gallery where she is showing her works, alongside the works of other artists. Arriving to this place where she is now fully at home, was a long road that contained many curves along the way. Being all about justice, she'd trained as a paralegal after school. But the reality of working at a law firm proved quite a different thing. Just as soon as an opportunity presented, she left the corporate job and moved to her most beloved city in Germany, to live a more creative life. But the law will always be a part of her DNA. She helps and supports young incarcerated offenders (teenagers) at prisons, painting with them, and helping them to control and channel their emotions into something positive.


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