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Sabina at

Says: Do you feel stuck in a revolving door... yet again? 40+ years experience with Tarot and Clairvoyance, I see ways to break unpleasant patterns, handing you the map with new paths to achieve happiness and joy in your life.

Charges:  $4.99
Speaks:  English, German
Reads By:  Telephone, Video Chat

Clairvoyant, Tarot Reading, Motivation Coach, Pendulum, Poker Cards, Visions through my guide Lucian.


When Sabina was 4 years old, she made her first prediction, running out to the street and yelling at the top of her lungs: "Daddy, Daddy is coming home!" Her father was a sales rep and worked in the field from Mon-Fri and wasn't due home. Her mother demanded she get off the street. And then, just at that very moment, Sabina's dad came around the corner and said: "My little witch, you knew," with a bright smile lighting up his face. Her mother told everybody Sabina was "crazy," because she began seeing pets that were invisible to others. Sabina later learned their house was built on a 200 year old pet cemetery. For 10 years, it was "normal" for her to tell people when the phone would ring, who'd be calling, and when visitors would show up. At 14, Sabina's skills blossomed, and her emerging abilities confused her. It was then she met an amazing lady—Gabriela, who was able to connect with the spirit realm. Gabriela taught her to channel and to read poker cards. Poker cards became like Tarot Cards to Sabina and they still remain her most accurate and precise tool today. While reading the cards, it isn't Sabina talking. Lucian takes over and delivers the messages people need to hear. Having survived a nightmare relationship, Sabina has become an expert in helping others understand and thrive in their own lives.


Sabina's way into reading professionally was quite amazing in hindsight. She was heartbroken, desperate and had called a psychic hotline, waiting 4 excruciating days for the reader she'd wanted. Finally, the reader was on the phone and said: "What do you want from me. I'm the one who could learn a lot from you!” She then gave Sabina her number and hung up the phone. Sabina was shell-shocked and on the verge of tears but phoned her anyway. Caren wasted no time in saying, “First we have to write your profile,” and together they constructed Sabina's bio. This was the start of her professional journey that launched her as a reader. 2 years later, she auditioned for a TV call-in psychic show. And, for 10 years she tirelessly gave accurate readings on this wonderful psychic TV show! She read for “THE NEWS, ” and for J.Lo in march, 2007, predicting she'd be pregnant with twins... In November she was! Sabina also read for Robbie Williams and informed MTV that they would be embarking on a world tour. Sabina was again labeled crazy, as they'd had a multi-million dollar law suit against one another. But sure, as rain, they produced a CD and went out on tour. Sabina has read for soccer and football leagues, celebrities of all kinds, on radio shows, on English websites, and on TV.


A Libra with a Sagittarius ascendant, Moon in Pisces and Sun in the 9th house, Sabina is a supersensitive empath with many of her own emotional experiences to draw upon. Today, she is happily bonded with her significant other and their 4 rescue dogs. Her 4-pound lady Chihuahua actually runs the pack of 2 male Chihuahuas and a German Shepherd. Sabina volunteers at the SPCA and homeless shelters in Ontario, a lovely place she has made her home. She was born in Germany and met her partner in Berlin at a Rave, and he invited her to join him in Canada. She could have married, but being who she is she immigrated, the hard way, filling out a ton (1456 pages) of paperwork. But she is a full-fledged Canadian now, on her own terms, and she is proud to be part of Canada. Sabina cherishes her life, family and her many hobbies. She's a survivor of a narcissistic relationship, and she later became immersed in psychology to understand the mechanism. Her dad died when he was only 56, which impacted her greatly. Too much work and no free time took its toll. Sabina learned from him to make people her priority. Her dad used to say, “I will do that just as soon as I retire.” If you want to do something, do it. No one else can do it for you the way you want it and do it NOW! There is no better time than now.


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