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Savannah at

Says: I am a 3rd gen Psychic, with a clear channel to Spirit. Gifted with the 4 Cs of Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Claircognizance and Clairvoyance, I have an all-access pass to your past, present and future. Allow me to help YOU create your own destiny!

Charges:  $4.99
Speaks:  English
Reads By:  Telephone

Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Claircognizance, Empath, Intuitive, Tarot Readings, Automatic Writing, Dream Interpretations, Reiki, Aura Readings.


Savannah told her mom at 5 that she used to have different parents and went on to describe in detail the other house she lived in. Her mom was convinced she had been reincarnated. Savannah inherited her remarkable talents from two grandmothers who possessed psychic abilities, or 'a knowing,' as they called it back then. She has since spent a great deal of time building her own practice by reading for friends, family and for complete strangers. Her unparalleled record for accuracy brought repeat customers to her door, time and again. She engaged in automatic writing and later developed the ability to hear Spirits' thoughts. This allowed her to provide peace for clients, helping those who are grieving to move forward. On occasion, Spirit reveals nicknames and words that are key to the client. Through Tarot and her ongoing study into other disciplines, Savannah has become an expert in several metaphysical areas that include: meditation, psychic exploration, psychic Medium/spiritual contact, 12 strand DNA Activation, Kundalini, astral travel, and the paranormal. Savannah meditates daily, prays, and spends time in solitude, but she's never alone.


For over 2 decades, Savannah has been a metaphysical practitioner, studying life after death, astral travel, 12 strand DNA activation, Kundalini and she's a certified Reiki practitioner. She offers her services in-person and through long-distance healing, possessing the ability to see orbs, colors and flashes of light, continuously. Spirits communicate on another frequency, speaking in whispers that can't be heard by the human ear. When she hears a thought that isn't her own, she knows it's Spirit connecting with her through her Clairaudient ability. Claircognizance, a sense of knowing, and Clairsentience, a sense of feeling, are other abilities she possesses. Spirit finds ways to communicate when you least expect it, often waking her using a pop, a clap, a song in her head, or a loud wake-up call! If Spirits of loved ones want to convey a message, they will find a way, sometimes popping in with just a word or a phrase during a client reading. Savannah's faith in God is strong and has never led her astray. She encourages everyone to pursue their path and cling to whatever faith they have. There is no wrong way to worship as long as you follow your heart.


Savannah lives in North Carolina with her teenage son and Siberian Husky. Her son is very familiar with Spirit and often accompanies her in her EVP work. She exposes him to all aspects of the metaphysical realm in hopes he will find his gifts and harness them earlier than she did. Her son and Spirit have a playful relationship. Spirit often awakens him with a clap, as they do his mom, and they like to play with his crystals and stones, leaving them on the floor for him to find when he returns to his room. Spirit loves their dog, too, and likes for her to accompany them on their EVP outings. She becomes more playful when Spirit is present and you can tell she hears them by the way she perks up her ears and looks around. Savannah is a Libra with Gemini rising, with tons of information traveling along her information highway! Her natal chart clearly reveals her psychic abilities with her Uranus in Scorpio. Those who have this signature have already spent half their life in a state of mystical and transformative experience. The inner workings of these abilities spring from ancestral resources, but during mid-life, what was once intangible, begins to manifest.


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