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Seraphim at

Says: A natural Clairvoyant Empath, I use Tarot and my Intuitive gifts to help create more happiness in your life. I give accurate, honest and compassionate answers to guide you through any challenges. I genuinely care, and with Spirit I am here to help.

Charges:  $3.33
Speaks:  English
Reads By:  Telephone, Video Chat

Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Intuitive, Empathic, Tarot Reader, Spirit Guides, Angel Guides, Guided Meditation.


As a child, Seraphim was always interested in things of a spiritual nature--especially the occult—and, in particular, things like palmistry, numerology, astrology, etc. Her father said she was always different from the other kids, and that as a baby she hardly cried, always being very content to be off by herself, "in her own little world." At seven, her mother passed away and, subsequently, she had her first experience with Spirit. The very week after her death, her mother came for a visit in a dream to tell Seraphim she loved her. Afterward, she began to spend more time alone, finding herself no longer interested in playing with other kids. Over the next few years, from dawn till dusk—when she wasn't in school—she'd more often than not be found on her own, running barefoot in a ravine near her home. It was during this time that she'd come to realize some of the particular gifts she possessed. She connected deeply with nature and Mother Earth and still, to this day, she communicates with the animals, trees and the earth.

At eleven, she discovered her mother's Tarot cards and was instantly drawn to them. Immediately, she began working with the cards and found she could read them quite naturally. She was curious as to why her mother owned the Tarot deck and asked her family about it. They revealed to her, surprisingly, that her mother had been reading Tarot and studying esoteric knowledge before her death. Seraphim felt emboldened by this knowledge and began to explore rituals, and found books and spiritual items that had belonged to her mother, all of which nudged her along her spiritual path. Throughout her adolescence, she continued to study all she could about spiritual subjects, while also reading for friends and family. She had no mentor to guide her and also had to contend with her dad's side of the family, a side that was narrow-minded about spiritual pursuits. Fortunately, her mother's side embraced them—her aunt in particular—and they encouraged her to explore her abilities. Her aunt relayed stories about her own experiences with clairvoyance and gave her books she knew would interest her. For as long as she could remember, Seraphim had dreams that would come to pass and she was given many messages of guidance. She found she could speak with Spirit Guides, using her Clairaudience, and learned to accept and utilize this gift consciously in her life, enjoying an ongoing conversation with Spirit. Once the conversation began, she was able to receive messages for others, as well, and learned to share them in a gentle manner that was received with gratitude.

In her late twenties, she became even more serious about her spirituality, becoming expert in a technique called Eye-Gazing. She also became adept at Tarot, reading professionally through her own private practice. She's also been asked to lead group meditations, which has allowed her to share a practice that has changed her own life. Entirely self-taught, without the benefit of a Yogi or Master to guide her, she's communed with Spirit Guides and Angels all on her own, honing her gifts through a practice that has enriched the lives of countless clients. Over the past year, she's been working with The Sacred Art of Creation, developing and leading lunar based women's circles that are designed to facilitate self-healing, alignment with highest good, and manifestation. The goal of this group is to empower women spiritually, and to create a community of conscious women that support and uplift one another.


Seraphim has been reading Tarot since 1995--from the time she was eleven years old--and began Eye-Gazing in her late teens, around the age of nineteen. Now thirty-three, she's been reading Tarot for twenty-two years and has been Gazing for the last fourteen years. In 2010, she began offering her services professionally through her own private practice, "Tarot by Seraphim." Without much advertising, she finds that most of her clientele arrive through word of mouth and there have been countless clients who have become repeat customers, continually returning for her accurate guidance. Primarily her readings are conducted in-person, her Eye-Gazing technique growing organically out of her practice. In 2016, she became involved with a company called The Sacred Art of Creation, a lunar based women's circle that empowers, uplifts and creates a community of conscious women in the city.

Since 2014, Seraphim has engaged more actively with the spiritual community in Edmonton. As such, she's found that she's often called upon in the community to lead guided meditations and manage various local events. Most recently, in 2017, she was asked to attend a bi-weekly gathering at the Sunbelly Arts and Wellness Center.


A thirty-three year old woman, Seraphim lives with her partner and two cats, Merlin and Francis. She's resided in Edmonton, Alberta, for the better part of her life, but will be relocating to Nanaimo, BC, within the next couple of months. She's always been very connected to the earth, animals and nature, and feels excited to be moving closer to the ocean and the magical Redwood Forest on Vancouver Island. Friends and family often tease her about talking to animals, her dad still affectionately calling her "moon-girl." She never outgrew running around barefoot; her passenger side of her car typically is littered with abandoned shoes. Seraphim is a Libra who very much identifies with Libran archetypes. From fashion to home décor, she enjoys appointing her life to reflect her bohemian spirit. She's always been a creative soul and as an Empath, self-expression remains a vital part of her life. In addition to her professional reading practice, she's also an artist and works primarily with ink, watercolor and acrylic. In 2015, she published her first coloring book for adults, in collaboration with a colleague, and is working on another. Much of her art is inspired by her connection with Spirit and her intuitive and empathic experiences. Seraphim also adores music! It's not unusual for her to play an album and be carried away by the melodies. She appreciates diverse forms of music--from classical to hard rock--feeling that different genres can speak to different elements of our lives, a type of Music Therapy. Meditation is a large part of her life. She enjoys sharing her practice with others and will often lead guided meditations. Meditation has changed her life, helping her to attune with her gifts and to communicate with Spirit more clearly.


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