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Shawna at

Says: As a spiritual counselor, I use the gifts of Intuition, Clairvoyance, Channeling & Mediumship, Tarot, and Esoteric Astrology to help you answer important life questions and abundantly embrace a more purposeful life.

Charges:  $3.99
Speaks:  English
Reads By:  Telephone

Mediumship, Channeling, Tarot Readings, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Psychometry, Pet Readings, Esoteric Astrological Readings, Pet Communication,


As a child, Shawna's psychic gifts were nurtured by a loving and supportive community of multi-generational psychics, energetic healers, and spiritual visionaries. Her mother was psychic and openly discussed the gifts of local clairvoyants and mediums with her. She regularly spoke about messages she received from the other side and was very eager to interpret dreams and share her visions with her daughter. Their family home hosted readings and relatives sponsored psychic fairs. It was from this unique and encouraging environment that Shawna began to understand that she too had a special gift in clairvoyance, to see beyond the mundane into the realm of Spirit.

Over time, her psychic abilities were further developed under the guidance of various spiritual teachers. During her youth, she embarked on the study of Spiritualism, Healing Arts, Sufism, and Esoteric Astrology, under the tutelage of renowned astrologer Reverend Jertha O Love, and Reiki Master Reverend Muriel Love. Additionally, she attended the Unity Center of Spirituality, where metaphysical studies were at the center of weekly worship services. Shawna's studies in Spiritualism and Psychic Development continued at the National Spiritual Science Center.

As Shawna matured, so did her sense of responsibility towards her gift. Shawna believed, wholeheartedly, that the psychic arts provide us with an opportunity to enter into a partnership where the unseen unites with the seen, and where the reader becomes the conduit for Spirit's revelation. She maintains a deep reverence for this work and strives to provide others with positive and uplifting readings that offer intelligent and responsible guidance.


Shawna has provided spiritual counseling for over thirty years, independently and through metaphysical courses and workshops. She's given readings at psychic fairs and metaphysical shops, over the phone, and online. She's channeled messages for political leaders, celebrities, and has accurately predicted the outcome of national campaigns, as well as a big career opportunity for a talented actor that resulted in a long Broadway run and a prestigious Tony Award! She has been known to exchange messages with psychic friends and to read for strangers on a whim, when Spirit brings an overwhelming message. Shawna is generous with her gifts, and no question is too big or too small.

In addition to her abilities as a clairvoyant, she's worked as an esoteric astrologer. When individuals provide their exact time and location of birth, Shawna is able to view their unique astrological profile, which is a map of the heavens at the exact time of their birth. This spiritual blueprint, in turn, corresponds with the individual's life path on earth and can be used as a tool for predicting and managing life events. She has incorporated the spiritual science of astrology in many of her psychic readings and is always amazed at how much one ability supports the accuracy of the other. Astrology can even be used as a tool for relationship analysis, geographical relocation, and predicting workplace success. Shawna has a deep passion for helping individuals gain answers to their most pressing concerns, and for serving as a conduit of Spirit in matters of the heart, career and overall life purpose. She believes that a gifted seer has a great responsibility to share their visions with others and has worked by this creed as a psychic throughout her life. Shawna is highly ethical, moral, and centered, and honors the gifts that have been bestowed upon her by serving as a humble and reverent channel.


Born a Pisces, the sign of the selfless, spiritual visionary, Shawna has a Libra Moon (mark of the soul). She is in search of justice and balance, guided by an Ascendant in philosophical Sagittarius, seeker of higher realms of spirituality and consciousness. She welcomes the daily task of cultivating these influences within herself, as each day gifted to us provides an opportunity to grow. She loves sharing these attributes with others, as well as helping individuals connect with their personal visions, cultivate justice and balance, and discover their calling towards higher realms of consciousness. She is a mother, grandmother, wife, sister, and friend, who enjoys feng shui interior design, sewing (when time permits), wildcrafting, gardening, cooking, and nurturing animals. She resides in the solitude of the high desert of the American Southwest and has a deep appreciation for Native American history and culture, fragrant pine forests, alternative energy, and sustainable living.


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