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Spirit Speaks at

Says: My specialties are Love and Romance, Soulmate Relationships, Career and Family. Together we can find your answers and what lies ahead. My readings come from the heart and are very empowering. I am also an Advanced Theta DNA2 Healer.

Charges:  $3.25
Speaks:  English
Reads By:  Telephone, Video Chat

Empathic, Intuitive, Soulmate Readings, Dream Interpretations, Relationship Readings/Advice, Advanced Theta DNA2 Healer, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Medium, Life Coaching, Self Esteem Coaching, Manifesting & Abundance Coaching, Chakra Healing and Balancing.


Ever since she was a young child she has been very empathic. She had the ability to feel what people were feeling and especially to tap into those who were in pain. In her early teens she began to have precognitive experiences about car accidents or health issues and even the near death of a family member. In her early twenties her abilities became even more apparent. Not only is she is a qualified professional because of her psychic ability but also due to her highly empathic nature and excellent people skills. She has completed courses in conflict resolution, effective communication skills and mediation. She's always been a people person and knows that helping others is her purpose in life. She is not at all judgmental regardless of who she may be dealing with, she feels it is very important for her clients to feel safe, she strives to build relationships based on trust. She has an innate ability to tap into people’s subconscious beliefs and fears and also find where they come from. She's always used her gifts to help others, her readings are focused on empowering her clients. Currently she is in the process of becoming certified as a life coach. Her predictions come to pass on a regular basis, but she wants clients to know the future is not set in stone and free will can change it based on choices we make along the way. She is an honest, ethical and integral Spiritual Advisor. Colleen was born with this gift and uses no tools in her readings, only her gift from Creator.


Over the past five years she's been a featured reader on a large internet site where she’s given thousands of readings and is very highly rated. Her vast clientele comes from all walks of life from throughout the world; many of her regular clients have sought her guidance for years. She specializes in love relationships, soulmates, family issues and child/parent relationships. She is also proficient with readings on career and finance. Combining her gift with her life coaching abilities, she's helped many make the right choices and changes in their life to be the happiest they can be. She is a firm believer in empowerment and does not sugar coat her readings, she advises clients to please come to her only if they are seeking guidance for their highest good. Be it good or bad she will tell you only the truth, but she will always tell you with compassion and straight from the place of unconditional love for another human being. She honors and respects each client that comes her way. She believes we create our own experiences and lessons along the way, but the future is not written in stone. Her job is to empower and show her clients they have choices in their future and their choices are what can change the future for the better if they so choose to do so. Life is not about a destination but rather about the journey. She is happiest when she can truly make a difference and help someone along their path. It is always her goal to have her clients complete their sessions with a lighter heart and a clearer view about their ultimate direction. Let Colleen help you make your journey happier and smoother!!


A true Taurus, she embodies the archetypal image of earth mother her sign is known for. She lives on the west coast of Canada where she was born and raised. While she lives close to a large city, she spends a lot of time in the mountains, which is her spiritual retreat. She is the proud mother of two lovely children, the oldest of whom is now in University. They also have a lovable dog and cat who are both spoiled but bring much love and laughter to their home. Her animals are her sidekicks and co-workers, they can usually be found at her feet when doing a reading, waiting for attention.  She enjoys walking and hiking, and is often out in the woods with her dog. She also loves spending time with her children. An avid reader, her varied interests include anything spiritual to crime mysteries. She believes in practicing what she preaches and is always striving to learn more and develop as a spiritual being living a human existence.


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