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Susyn at

Says: I am a Clairvoyant Psychic, Astrologer and Channeler with over 35 years experience. Accurate, compassionate and honest, I am dedicated to helping you find the answers and guidance you need to navigate every life challenge that comes your way.

Charges:  $5.99
Speaks:  English
Reads By:  Telephone

Tarot, Astrology, Channeling, Relationship Coaching, Life Coaching, Crystal/Color Healing, Dream Interpretation, Past Life Research, Pendulum Readings


Susyn first discovered her passion for the psychic realm at seven, when she encountered a fortune teller with a crystal ball at a school carnival. When she was 13, she was introduced to astrology, marveling at the amazing revelations it contained. A few years later, she attended a Tarot class, discovering that it came to her as naturally as breathing! After years of reading and teaching, she developed new methods for using the Tarot, and went on to publish a book with her proven techniques. Later, she was invited to speak at a Tarot Conference in London. Susyn discovered Channeling, quite by accident, when a dear friend lost his significant other. While reading for him, she realized her messages were coming directly from his partner on the other side! As her interest in all things metaphysical continued to grow, she was led to pursue a career as a professional psychic and astrologer. Susyn holds a Doctorate in Metaphysics from The Divine College of Metaphysics, she has been certified by The American Association of Professional Psychics and The American Tarot Guild, and is a member of The National Geocosmic Research Society for Astrological Studies. A Gemini, ruled by Mercury--the messenger--Susyn loves her role as a go-between for people and their higher selves, spirit guides and loved ones.


For over 30 years, Susyn has been a metaphysical consultant, in-person and online, and internationally recognized for her psychic, astrological and past-life readings, channeled messages, and her ability to provide startlingly accurate metaphysical advice. She’s become well-known for her numerous radio appearances and for headlining her own show. She's spent her career enlightening and uplifting others through her psychic and astrological readings, channeling sessions, and past life exploration. A free-lance writer, since 1999, she's penned advice columns, spiritual articles, and has created astrological forecasts and horoscopes. She's published 2 books and, for 4 years, she ran and hosted her own radio show--locally and online. She’s been a featured psychic reader on numerous radio shows, tele-summits and at conferences. As a relationship life coach, she developed her own unique coaching method, unlike any other. An astrology and Tarot teacher, she’s encouraged others to embrace their own psychic abilities and higher selves. Her channeling sessions help connect people with their loved ones who’ve crossed over. Past life readings release old Karma, understand fears, desires, and reveal the higher purpose of our life experiences, including connections to past people, places and events.


Susyn is the oldest of 8 children, growing up in Roswell, New Mexico (of alien fame). With so many people in the household, she had the perfect study group to practice and test her astrological skills! A Gemini, with a true curiosity and passion for learning, her quest for spiritual knowledge and a deeper understanding of human nature, proved instrumental in the development of her psychic gifts. Though she graduated with a BA in Commercial Art, after working in the field of graphics for many years, she found herself ready to follow her true passion: metaphysics. Over the years, as people naturally gravitated to her for psychic advice, she reached a point where it became obvious that her true purpose was to help others with readings on a professional level. Susyn now resides in Bernalillo, New Mexico, with her husband and two very large pet African Spurred tortoises. In her spare time, she loves to visit her son in California, travel to new places, paint, volunteer her services, and entertain. It's been a wonderful journey, as each new encounter in the realm of metaphysics has revealed gifts, abilities and has helped Susyn discover her passion to empower lives around the world, as far away as China and Australia, and as near as Canada and South America.


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