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Tommy at

Says: Are you seeking healing and guidance that will bring stability and peace to your life? For 25 years, I have provided both fast and accurate answers, talked to loved ones in Spirit and obtained detailed info from Spirit Guides. Help is on the way!

Charges:  $4.99
Speaks:  English
Reads By:  Telephone, Video Chat

Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Clairsentient, Empathic, Intuitive, Past & Future Life Reader, Relationships, Pet Communication, Career & Finance Advisor, Spirit Guide Communications, Reiki Master, Chakra Worker, Spiritualist Healer, Hypnotherapist.


Tommy has been involved with spiritualist churches and camps throughout New England, since 1990. He trained with the world’s best Mediums, observing various methods. In the end, it's all about healing, which can be achieved in countless ways. In 1989, he read a book about Edgar Casey, The Sleeping Prophet, who used hypnosis to tap into universal knowledge. Like Edgar Casey, Tommy also utilizes valuable healing methods in his practice. He studied ESP with a famous Medium, Kay Mora, who channeled with a strange Scandinavian accent, but she was very accurate. During class, she astral traveled to one of her student's homes. Kay accurately described her living room, and asked to read a letter she saw on the student’s end table! The student got red in the face, confirming the letter was there, and this left a lasting impression on Tommy. He has since become a member of the National Spiritualist Association of Churches, he worked as a Spiritualist Medium, for over 20 years, and as president of the Temple Heights Spiritualist Camp, for 10 years. He’s worked closely with Mediums around the world, and has served on the boards of numerous churches and spiritualist camps. He is also a Medium and Healer for many organizations throughout the New England area.


Tommy’s a dedicated healer, focused on providing bodywork for his clients. Not massage, but Energy Work. He can feel energy centers and movement of energy throughout the body, having mastered various healing modalities. Spiritualism allowed him to tap into what he already believed, but hadn't yet realized. That was 25 years ago, and he's discovered a lot more, since then. He’s given readings to numerous clients around the world by phone and in-person. Spirit has shown him numerous things, and continues to do so with each reading he gives. There are many in need at this time, and many avenues that light workers may explore to help others. At first, it was tough to delve into the energy of so many different spirit people, until the thought suddenly popped into his head that he needed to stop obsessing over the message and just do the work! Once that lesson was learned, Tommy’s words flowed easier and quicker than ever before. He's delivered messages to clients around the world--via phone, in-person, in his office, and at private and public gatherings. He's gathered 25 years of valuable experience to bring information quickly and accurately to his clients. For those who wish guidance, healing, peace and stability, Tommy always delivers.


Tommy was born into a large country family. His father emigrated from Belgium and his mother was a farm girl from Maine. He loved growing up on the farm and found there were lots of life lessons to be had there. He raised his own animals, enjoyed many varieties of pets, and felt fortunate to pretty much be in charge of his life. He was initially raised a Baptist. But during his teen years, his family turned to Catholicism. By the time he finished high school and attended college, he wasn't sure what to believe in anymore. But then his world expanded, and the vastness of the universe opened up to him. He did the Easy Rider thing on his motorcycle, exploring the US and Canada. When he returned, he went back to the land, grew his own food--like his father and grandfather before him--and stored it in the root cellar. He created a good life for himself and learned much at that time. He found his spiritual self, and an even greater journey unfolded. Tommy loves helping people find their way in life by tuning into their higher selves and into the spirits all around them. What comes to your mind when you are in-tune is always right. That is the message. Spirit gives it, and you deliver it. The message is for the client to interpret. By getting the conscious mind out of it, what’s delivered is the clear Truth you need.


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