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Tracey at

Says: Hop on my high speed Horary train! I offer a highly accurate and cutting edge technique called Horary that is quickly becoming all the rage on social media! Fast and precise, it gives a predictive, detailed reading that will knock your socks off!

Charges:  $3.99
Speaks:  English
Reads By:  Telephone

Predictive Horary, Tarot, Clairsentience, Hellenistic Astrology, Numerology, Soul Path Energy Work, Home Clearing.


When Tracey was a tiny tot, her dad set their kitchen on fire frying up some French Fries. She saw her big sister silhouetted in a halo of flames that never touched her body! Tracey became an instant believer in Miracles, and explored the Intuitive gifts that she, a left-handed redhead, inherited from her unusual mom’s side of the family. Tracey has been fortunate to have many mentors to guide her. Marguerite Batease, the goddaughter of Charlie Chaplin, taught her soul path energy work and clearing, she learned Numerology from Elizabeth Barnett, and Tarot from Dusty White. And then along came Astrology, her grand passion! In Asheville, NC, Tracey met inspirational, larger than life astrologer, The Late and Great Kelly Lee Phipps. He had such a profound impact on her life, she turned him into a living, breathing character in her newest sci-fi, fantasy novel! She later met Chris Brennan who taught her Ancient Hellenistic Astrology and she earned a hard-earned certification from his comprehensive course. She then mastered the art of Horary, a Magickal technique unearthed from medieval times, where the highly trained, intuitive practitioner instantly draws up a chart for the precise moment a question is asked, and delivers detailed answers to any question, including a time frame!


For 11 years, Tracey has offered Tarot and Astrology readings to clients that include Disney star, Danielle Fishel (“Boy Meets World”), Comic Book Icon, Bob Burden (Mystery Men movie starring Ben Stiller), and a Golden Globe producer and Emmy nominee. High profile entrepreneurs she’s worked with include the founder of Porter & Sail, and the founder of Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream. But it isn’t just high profile people she serves. Her one-on-one private practice caters to clients from all walks of life, every one of them enriching her work with their unique life experiences. She’s cleared energies that block, has read Tarot at Fairs and at parties, counseled countless clients on their natal chart, and her exciting, state of the art, predictive Horary readings showcase what’s occurring, what will happen and what others are feeling in real time and in the future! For decades, she’s been blogging on her website, was the Editor and Chief of a metaphysical newsletter for 3 yrs, she’s on Instagram giving regular star reports on celebrities, receiving nods from RHOBH stars Lisa Rinna, Kyle Richards, and she’s twice briefly chatted with her hero, William Shatner on Twitter! Tracey was recently invited to be a regular panelist on an exciting, new YouTube series from Oraculos Astrology, sponsored by the prestigious Wessex Astrologer!


In Florida’s sunny clime, this transplanted New Yorker loves being a mom, wife of a sea captain, a successful published fantasy author, and helping others with her busy predictive practice. She’s positively obsessed with Horary, and is always learning new predictive techniques to better help others to achieve their happiness. She’s recently opened up her own Magical School, teaching ancient and sacred astrology techniques to eager students on Zoom. This upbeat Taurus with a Leo Rising Sign can be counted on to be there for her loved ones and clients, to give generously of herself without judgment, and to share a laugh and a good time wherever she finds it! Daily, she practices yoga, plays tennis with her daughter, chess with her hubby, takes long walks with her King Charles Cavalier, Oliver, she’s a Trekkie and Orville nerd, and writes sci-fi, fantasy novels for Gypsy Shadow Publishing. Her last novel won P&E’s highest award for most popular young adult novel, and her newly released tween novel received glowing notices from Kirkus and 5 stars from Readers’ Favorite: “This novel has the potential to be a blockbuster series.” Inner and outer limitations are tough on us all. Tracey hopes to shine her unique light on all who ask for help during these troubling times of confusion.


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