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Venus at

Says: Awareness of the future can empower you now! I can see, hear, sense and feel the energies around you. I will speak directly to your Angels and Spirit Guides and will help you navigate through intense and emotional waters to achieve rewards and happiness.

Charges:  $4.25
Speaks:  English
Reads By:  Telephone

Empath, Spiritual Guides, Tarot, Angels, Love & Career matters.


Venus recalls at the age of eleven that she possessed unique gifts that others did not. She would share with adults or peers some parts of their future and watch their faces light up with excitement and surprise when they recognized she knew things so clearly, and at such a young age! She loved being of service and felt blessed that she'd been given a great gift to help others. From the time she was young, people were naturally drawn to Venus to seek answers to questions that eluded them. Utilizing the natural abilities she was given, she has enjoyed the process of healing and teaching over the years, finding these pursuits to be very rewarding. The feeling of fulfillment she receives from helping people is like no other. Venus has collaborated with many psychics over the years to work on different spiritual growth projects and psychic seminars, and she has also run her own psychic and spiritual seminars.

Every direction she has taken in life has led her to this point and she could not feel more blessed to have her gifts, gifts that have introduced her to clients all around the world. She blends her work as a certified Life Coach with her spiritual practice and can therefore help clients on psychic, practical and spiritual levels. Oftentimes, deceased loved ones come forward with messages, either when prompted, or they just pop in during a session. Venus can easily tune-in and hear Spirit, Angels and thoughts. Some that come through in a reading don't have much to say, and in that case, she simply receives their message and transmits it to the client. Others, however, are quite chatty, and she always enjoys that!

Unlike most psychic readers, Venus can actually provide dates, as close as they let her get. With time being a tricky thing in the spiritual realm, this is an unusual feat and a skill that clients especially like. Venus finds that sharing her gifts with others is important, as many people need insights and guidance to make their lives just a little happier and more rewarding. No matter what the situation is, Venus and Spirit are there with an intention to help and there is no judgment. Venus urges you to come receive your answers along with the tools you will need to get yourself moving forward in the right direction. She is a compassionate reader and can easily place herself in someone's shoes. She then sees where the path should take her from there, to make things balanced, easier, and more fulfilling, long term. She is just as able to tune-in to someone on the phone as in-person, including and especially to their emotions! Her empathic ability allows her to tap-in easily and clearly to all negative energies that are present. So, just take a relaxing breath and trust that the Spirit will provide Venus with all that you need to hear. She is really looking forward to meeting you!


For over twenty years, Venus has been practicing her psychic work, offering multi-layered and precise readings to clients. She was blessed to be born with many gifts, but she has also added additional insight to her well of knowledge through spiritual studies she's conducted for many years. Ten years ago, she earned her certification as a Life Coach and incorporates it into her practice. Life Coaching has become very successful, and she finds it blends easily with the Reiki healing and psychic work she provides. Her clients reside all around the world and from all walks of life. In addition to her practice, Venus has conducted numerous Spiritual Seminars that have been extremely successful and have offered much enlightenment to her participants. Spirit has gifted her with healing hands and with that energy there can be great success!

Her clients see results, they watch how it all comes together and the whole process makes sense for them. Venus' grandmother was also a psychic and was instrumental in guiding and teaching her key points in the spiritual world. In turn, her grandmother's mentoring has imbued her with a strength and compassion to carryon her work, and it has given her the desire to pass on her gifts to others. It has been a wonderful experience for her to meet such wonderful people over the years. When she reads for a client, she will not waste your time or money, as she has the remarkable ability to channel with no tools at all! She does not need your birthday, etc., to zero in on your energies. Tools are very helpful for those who need confirmation in what they are channeling, and if she is called upon to use them at all, she will, as there is nothing wrong with tools. However, her natural born gifts connect her so deeply that it is like having Spirit sitting right there answering all your questions immediately.


Venus was born under the psychic sign of Scorpio and has been living in Arizona, since 2004. She loves the beauty of the desert, and receives the energy from the red rocks surrounding her, deriving her inner strength from living there. Sedona has been a wonderful place to receive healing energy. She is a widow, having lost her husband several years back. No pets at the present time, but who knows what the New Year will bring? She does, however, pet sit every time she has the chance and is a huge animal lover. She was born in Illinois, and her family moved to California when she was a small child. Venus spent the rest of her childhood in Southern California, going to the beach almost every day. It was a wonderful place to grow up, but her move to the desert could not have been more right, a place that very much feels like home. Between the mountains and the desert, it is extremely beautiful. Spirit has led her there to do her healing, and psychic work.


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