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Wendy at

Says: My readings bring answers and clarity to love questions, Karmic affairs, and past life relationships that we will explore. Is this a soul mate or twin-flame? Will it last? Tarot, Runes, Palmistry, Lucky Dice and my Spirit Guides shall reveal all.

Charges:  $4.99
Speaks:  English
Reads By:  Telephone, Video Chat

Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Tarot Readings, Cartomancy, Rune Casting, Dream Interpretations, Numerology, Palmistry, Aura Readings, Sabian Symbols.


Wendy clearly recalls engaging in spirit communication at 4 yrs old. Coming from a strict religious background, she was told not to utilize her hidden knowledge or powers until she was an adult. But she couldn't stop what kept on coming. She's been seeing future events and hearing other dimensions since that first spirit communication as a toddler. At 14, she studied dreams and pursued astrological studies at 19. Her first mentors were a Scotsman and Englishman at a British Pub. They were lovers of the occult, as well as chess, and they adored her! Over the years, she continued her occult and spiritual studies with various experts including: Reverend Farrington out of Nevada, Rick Levine in Washington State, Alphee, and Carol in Connecticut, The Lady Demeter in Florida. She learned Mexican Santeria from Rory and Lillian in Southern California, and dice from Angus (another Scotsman) in Massachusetts, as well as other influential teachers who played a role in her psychic development. She's very fortunate to have worked with the best and treasures all the clients she's helped and will help in the future. Currently, her area of psychic research pertains to what happens when we die and wish to reincarnate. She labels herself a fortune teller who loves what she does, and she's happy to be here for you!


The last 40 years of Wendy's life has been devoted to studying the occult, fortune telling, Palmistry, Taro, Runes, Dice, Astrology, White Magic, Pagan folklore, and Astrology. Since 2008, she's maintained a private practice from her office and has showcased her gifts at live events, parties and psychic fairs. She's employed multiple tools, including meditation and communication with her Spirit Guides. She has many methods of prognostication, sometimes using all of them in one reading! The one constant is the steady presence of her spirit guides who are always with her. There is so much loving energy in the ether, in the alternate dimensions. Love is Divine and brings hope and help, especially in times of great personal need. When we're suffering, it heals, even during the darkest of times, and it often brings good fortune unexpectedly. As a Mystic, Wendy moves between dimensions of what we can normally hear and see. This energy is available to all simply by raising our conscious awareness a few notches. Her reading style is both conversational and instructional. Numerous clients have been with her for years, a true testament to her gifts and her compassion. Wendy has traveled extensively and is truly rich in her knowledge of humanity, yet still finds love everywhere.


Wendy is a true Queen of Swords, an air sign with a Libra Sun, Gemini Moon, and Aquarius rising. She was a flight attendant and a yacht stewardess, satisfying the circulating air so big in her chart that likes to get around. Her Gemini moon has a reigning emotional need to travel and to communicate with others, and in Wendy's case, she's even communicating in other dimensions. That's what I call taking her social skills to the next level! On her mom's side, she's got Chippewa Indian ancestry, imbuing her with a spiritual sense and ease that allows her to connect with her Spirit Guides. Her mom was a teacher, her father, a WW2 hero from Czechoslovakia. Currently, Wendy resides on the Gold Coast of Florida, near the ocean, loving it there. She gardens nearly every day surrounded by the salt air and the flowering Bougainvillea. She has 2 indoor and 5 outdoor cats, who are her familiars, and she is lucky to have her younger brother nearby, just a couple of towns away. She was born in Ohio, The Buckeye State, on Lake Erie, but her family moved to New England, and then to Long Island, finally settling in South Florida. South Florida seems to be the place where she's settling down and staying put, except, of course, for a bit of restless wandering now and again.


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